News may come soon on J.C. Penney space in Rockland

By Stephen Betts | Apr 09, 2018
Photo by: Stephen Betts The owner of the Rockland Plaza Shopping Center on Maverick Street is working to the lease the space formerly occupied by J.C. Penney.

Rockland — The owner of the vacant J.C. Penney space is working to find a tenant and there may be news soon.

The space has been vacant since July 2017, when the clothing retailer closed its doors after 40 years at the Rockland Plaza Realty building on Maverick Street.

In the weekly report from city departments, the economic and community development department director said there have been suggestions from the community about potential businesses to recruit for the space.

"On that subject, we’d say only that the property manager is working to re-lease the space; and we hope to have news to share soon," Director Julie Hashem stated in the weekly report issued Monday, April 9.

Hashem said Monday she could not comment further and referred questions to the property manager.

A company spokesman said negotiations are ongoing with a potential tenant but that it was too early to make any further announcement.

No application has been filed with the Code Enforcement Office for the approximately 6,000-square-foot space.

Tire Warehouse

While the use of the former J.C. Penney space is uncertain, there are commercial projects at various stages in Rockland.

The Tire Warehouse construction continues on Camden Street. An opening date has not been announced.

The Rockland Planning Board approved last year a 4,185-square-foot addition to the 2,900-square-foot building at 166 Camden St. The building was built in 2000 as a Wendy's Restaurant, but that business closed in November 2006. ColorTyme rentals opened in 2007 before closing a few years ago.

Tire Warehouse will have five garage bays perpendicular to Camden Street on the 1.13-acre lot. The cost of the project was estimated at $350,000.

The property was purchased April 13 by 166 Camden Street Rockland LLC of Portland from Blackstone Properties LLC of Wales.

Main Street office building

C.N. Brown Co. of South Paris has filed an application with the code office for construction of a 1,300-square-foot office building at 696 Main St.

The Rockland Planning Board will review the application May 1.

The $500,000 project would be completed within three months after all permits have been received, according to the application.

The property had been a C.N. Brown gas station and later Midcoast Marine Electronics.

The existing building will be leveled.

Midcoast Marine has filed an application to renovate the former 2,600-square-foot Lake View Veterinary Hospital at 129 Lake View Dr. The project is expected to be completed in May 2018, according to the application.

The Planning Board will review that application April 17.

Comments (5)
Posted by: WILL MOSS | Apr 10, 2018 10:45

Trader Joe's or Target. As for the others, Sears is dead, Jim [obscure Star Trek reference], we already have Staples [so no need for Office Depot] Reny's is 20 minutes away.  I suppose LL Bean or Marden's ok, but Amazon - really? They're becoming as bad as Mall-wart for being a monopolistic hoover of local businesses.

Posted by: Ria Biley | Apr 09, 2018 18:03

Christmas Tree Shoppe!


Posted by: Dale Hayward | Apr 09, 2018 17:45

any of the above.

Posted by: ananur forma | Apr 09, 2018 16:12

What would like to see there, Dale?

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Apr 09, 2018 16:10

Marden's, Reny's, Office Depot, Sears, Trader Joes, LL Bean, Amazon Retail,  and the list goes on and on.

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