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By Steve Pixley | Jul 01, 2011
Photo by: Shlomit Auciello Steve Pixley drove windjammers for eight years and is now in his 10th year as Camden Harbor Master. In the winter, Pixley serves as ski patrol and terrain park manager for the Camden Snow Bowl.

Hello everybody and welcome to summer!

I just finished talking to a nice couple from Colorado. They asked me why it seemed a little slow here considering it’s summer and all.

I took my time in answering them. I informed them that the locals are just shaking off a long winter, that a teaser summer that came for about four days in early June, and then saw its shadow or something. I then described, in detail, the fire I had started in my wood stove three days ago.

My new Colorado friends and I had a good laugh, interspersed with such phrases as, “You wouldn’t think it today,” and “Not too shabby right now though."

No, it’s official, summer is here.

This might be a good time to regale you with a story my father once told my brothers and me one night at the dinner table. The way my dad told it, it appears that the Norse Vikings used to play a game called “Stickanyian.” This was played by the whole village, practically, and involved a rather heavy ball, called a Fok. The Fok was made of wood, and was rolled down a grassy knoll or hill. The two teams had to throw sticks or other articles at the ball, as it rolled, to slow it down and direct it to hit fairy houses belonging to the two competing teams.

The idea was to hit the houses of others and gain points.

With summer now almost in full swing, I thought it might be wise to share this story with all the local users of Camden Harbor. I am talking about all of the day sailer captains, the launch drivers from both sides of the harbor and my deputies, as well.

Everybody seems to be driving too fast through the Inner Harbor and the federal navigable waterway.

I hope that folks will take the whole gist of this old Viking game and apply it to their conduct while driving their vessels in Camden Harbor, and slow the Fok down.

Remember: Safety is no accident! Have a happy July.


Steve Pixley is Camden's Harbor Master.

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