Supports Lincolnville, Islesboro, Northport

New town marketing website, almanac launched

Mar 27, 2014

NOCASOBE is a volunteer effort to provide marketing support for the three communities that are North of Camden and South of Belfast (Lincolnville, Islesboro, and Northport).

NOCASOBE includes all businesses and organizations from Camden Hills State Park to Coastal Farms Foods Processing on Route 1 in Belfast, inland to include Lincolnville Center, and into Penobscot Bay including Islesboro and Warren Islands.

The new website will provide information for residents, visitors, and travelers and thus create increased local business and organization support. From the website an annual print version (the 2014 NOCASOBE Almanac) and a downloadable e-book version will be available. Clothing with the NOCASOBE logo can be ordered online.

NOCASOBE is not in any way a replacement for the regional and local chambers of commerce/business groups and community organizations. NOCASOBE is not a business, nor is it a club. NOCASOBE, similar to the concept of “Shangrila,” a lifestyle shared in the Midcoast communities. And, it is a tool to help others “find” the towns in a unique way. People today seek to have experiences which are outside the norm, shop from a farmer’s market, find a special eatery, taste the best wines, stay in a Victorian cottage, etc.

Income gained from advertising is being used to pay for the annual cost of the website, invoice mailing (to those without emails), print materials (such as rack cards), and promote events in support of NOCASOBE. All remaining funds each year will be donated to The Northport Food Pantry, which serves residents from all of three communities.

NOCASOBE was coined by Arthur Durity and shared with a group of local business leaders in summer 2013. This website and the 2014 NOCASOBE Almanac were developed as a marketing project with three student interns from Illinois State University accompanied by Dr. Jane Liedtke (Bay Leaf Cottages & Bistro). The website, book and e-book will all be “live” by mid-April.

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