New town center look?? The entrance to Camden Post Office/Chestnut St.

By CYNTHIA KAVA | Jun 18, 2014

What is with the 'new look' of the turn in to the Camden Post Office from Rt. 1. What is the point of it? Is it to help with traffic concerns there? Seriously?  Is it a place for people to sit? Terrible place to sit...In my opinion (not that it matters one iota... I live in Rockport) It is the tackiest and ugliest thing Ive ever seen. It looks like someone went to Ocean State Job Lots and picked out some plastic white fence thing and a couple of cheap metal benches..What is this... Is this a late April Fools joke? It looks terrible and is just plain ridiculous. Just thought Id voice my opinion even though Im not a Camdenite.

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Posted by: John Perry | Jun 25, 2014 18:07

Really.  It distracts drivers that should be looking at the cross walk. It's ugly!  I guess we call it a "park" for the vain.  And speaking of cross walks.  I wish everyone would us them properly ,"Wave" and by the way you are welcome! One final thing,  when using the cross walk remove your head from where you've been keeping it and put back on your shoulders and stay off your phone! Wheeze....this is getting exhausting.  Oops!  One more last thing...if riding a bike..don't ride it into the cross walk, jump off walk a bit and then jump back on and ride off.  It makes you a jerk and a bad example for children of all ages. Aannnd, I'd like to see some jay walking on the next Police blotter....jeez and some speeding tickets!  Oh, and back to the Post Office and Bikes, don't ride your bike the wrong way on the one way there. Just plain Dumb.  I just took a short break and I think I'm done....for now.

Posted by: Bill Packard | Jun 18, 2014 18:38

I tried out the benches on Monday morning.  With coffee and a muffin I experienced tactical urbanization first hand.  While enjoying the up close and personal experience with traffic, I was joined briefly by the Camden fire chief.  We experienced 10,000 gallons of gasoline in a tanker heading right for us on the CNB side.  Very exciting.

On the Village Green side, it was different. The trucks pulling the hill made you vibrate inside, and luckily a garbage truck headed to PERC had to stop for some pedestrians, which added a wonderful aroma.

The whole experience was so intense that I couldn't stay very long.  When they move it to the side of Camden Embroidery, I plan to visit again.  BTW, when you sit on one of those benches, everyone looks at you like there's something wrong with you.  Of course in my case, people know that anyway.

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