New Moon- Sun and Moon at 17 degrees Virgo, this Sunday September 9 in good aspects to Jupiter & Pluto. Rosh Hashana  on Sept. New Moon.

By ANANUR FORMA | Sep 07, 2018

September 8 - 11 The Sun is in a positive aspect to Jupiter and also to Pluto: This aspect shouts financial success. The stock market should reflect this. If you were born September 11 - 13, November 11 - 13, January 9 - 12 or March 9 - 12 or July 11 - 13 of any year then this is a productive time for you AND also for receiving recognition, respect and financial increase... that is well deserved. It is also a time of increased awareness and consciousness raising world wide! Bob Woodward's book about Trump came out and is making news.


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Sunday, September 9  The New Moon takes place at 2:01 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 17 degrees Virgo, in a very positive aspect to Jupiter and  Pluto. Also the New Moon is opposite Neptune at 15 degrees of Pisces. Our ideals are defined and there is movement towards inclusiveness. This is a new beginning, a new day of exciting, inspired speakers, authors, and leaders stepping forward and uplifting us. Of course, it exists in each one of us first, or we would not feel the energy. This is the time to be clear about what you want to manifest and attract, and then move forward confidently toward that. There’s been long held in blockage… to allowing oneself to feel hopeful. Now we can feel that hopefulness for a good reason. The pathway to living humanitarian principles has an open door, now. We live it. We experience it. And now, the governing bodies (towns cities states, etc.) will reflect it too.

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year is always on the first New Moon, of September. Happy New Year!!!  It's time to forgive your past, and move freely into the unknown present moment, all are brand new moments. Learn, live, grow, share, be well.... stay well.

This is an ancient tradition which can possibly bring blessings to all of us.

Astrologically, I see this New Moon as having very positive potentials.


September 9  -  October 31 Venus enters Scorpio on September 9 bringing about intense desires for intimacy. Jealousy seems to go along with this placement of Venus. Just don’t give it (the emotion) too much attention and it will go away. This phase favors dancing yoga, running, singing boldly and of course being intensely involved in a sexual/romantic union.



September 10 – November 15 Mars is back in Aquarius which is where it was before it went retrograde back in Capricorn, May 15 - August 13. Thinking about building an environmentally friendly home or building? Have you been envisioning this for awhile? Do you have a vision for a yurt as your office or work space? Would you like to do some research on living communally or in an intentional community? Here’s the book if you’re curious: Communities Directory  published by The Fellowship for Intentional Community, Rutledge Missouri. You can find it online. This huge book describes such things as the philosophy of each community, whether they’re  off the grid or not, location, the size of their population, the kind of food they eat, and how they support themselves. This could be the way of the future, for you or me.


September 10 - 12 Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. Venus is also in a positive aspect to Saturn to Capricorn: This could be the time to get your art work into a gallery! During this phase you will meet new, stimulating people to network with, some may make an impact, but then they’re gone. On the other hand, you could have a strong romantic attraction to someone, and because of Saturn it turns out to be a life long friendship. This depends on your birth chart and the potentials shown at birth. *See a well trained experienced astrologer to learn more.

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