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Knox County sees drop as case reassigned

New COVID-19 cases outpace recoveries on Sunday

By Stephen Betts | May 17, 2020
Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah

The number of active cases of Mainers with COVID-19 on Sunday rose to yet another new high as confirmed and probable cases outpaced recoveries.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported May 17 there were an additional 39 confirmed or probable cases of the new virus, increasing the count since the outbreak began to 1,687.

There were 16 additional recoveries statewide, increasing that number to 1,028 as of Sunday.

There were no additional deaths, with the number remaining at 70 in Maine since the first death occurred on March 27 of a patient diagnosed with the new virus.

The number of active confirmed or probable cases in Maine on Sunday reached a new high of 589. The number of active cases first exceeded 500 on May 10.

Beginning Monday, May 18 the CDC expects to be able to triple the number of tests it can perform.

Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah said last week that 323 of the confirmed cases of the new virus were contracted by health care workers.

The number of active confirmed or probable Knox County cases of COVID-19 cases as of May 17 dropped to three. One case that had been reported as a Knox County resident was reassigned to another place of residence. In addition, there was an additional recovery in Knox County. Since the outbreak began, there have been 20 cases and 17 recoveries of Knox County residents. Two Knox County residents have been hospitalized by the new virus.

Waldo County's active cases on May 17 remained at two with 50 overall cases, 34 recoveries, and the 14 deaths. The cases and deaths have been largely concentrated at the Tall Pines long term care center in Belfast.

Lincoln County's active cases on May 17 remained at five with 17 cases and 12 recoveries.

The number of people who have been tested for the virus in Maine as of May 13 was 33,035. Of those on that date, 5 percent had tested positive with 95 percent (31,520) negative.

As of Sunday, 37 people were in the hospital because of the virus with 16 in critical care units and 11 of those on respirators.

Of the 70 Maine people with COVID-19 who have died, 36 have been 80 years old or older, 24, have been in their 70s, six were in their 60s, three in their 50s, and one person in their 40s.

Since the outbreak began, 216 Maine people have been hospitalized because of the virus.

Of the people who tested positive as of May 17, the Maine CDC reports most were people in their 50s, which accounted for 324 of the confirmed cases since the outbreak started. There have been 262 people in their 60s, 258 in their 40s, 187 in their 70s, 183 who were 80 or older, 212 in their 30s, 203 in their 20s, and 58 who were younger than 20.

Fifty-three percent of the confirmed cases have been women and 47% men.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Jane Karker | May 19, 2020 08:42

The conspiracy theory mentioned in these comments is a very dangerous delusion based on seething hatred and paranoia. Not the attitude that has helped other counties weather this pandemic better than the US. This is a result of both political parties not trusting the other, and one political party going way off the deep end per bizarre conspiracy and take-over theories.  My concern right now is the inaccuracies in testing. I know three local Maine three (not elderly) who are pretty sick with the obvious symptoms of COVID19. All three tested negative and were “okayed” to go back to work. But of course they didn’t go to work because they are sick. One of their doctors explained that if you take the test too early or too late there is a 70% inaccuracy rate.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | May 18, 2020 09:04

Enemy? "I have seen the enemy and it is us!?  POGO

Posted by: Lawrence Edward Galkowski | May 18, 2020 06:23

Scare media. Over 98 % survival rate. 39 confirmed or probable cases? Really? They are or they aren't cases. Reporting maybe? Aiding the enemy. Lots of old people. No mention of persons who died with pre-existing conditions. HHS Secretary said lifestyle and poor health was a big factor in deaths. Just like when an already unhealthy person gets the flu. There is no pandemic. Just an attempted coup.


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