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New assistant superintendent's roots run deep in Rockland schools

By Stephen Betts | Oct 16, 2020
The RSU 13 Board met Oct. 15. The board appointed Steffany Tribou, second from right in bottom row, as assistant superintendent.

Rockland — The new assistant superintendent of the Rockland area schools has spent nearly her entire life in the school system.

The Regional School Unit 13 Board voted unanimously at its Oct. 15 meeting to appoint Steffany Tribou as its assistant superintendent.

Tribou was the director of curriculum, instruction and assessment and will retain those duties in addition to her new position. Board Chairperson Loren Andrews stressed that no additional position was created but that Tribou will be doing two jobs. There was no raise with the promotion. Tribou has basically been acting as assistant superintendent for the past few years.

Superintendent John McDonald said the promotion recognized Tribou's hard work, dedication and capability.

McDonald will serve as her mentor for the next year, and she will be able to earn her assistant superintendent certification.

The district has not had an assistant superintendent position since 2009 when RSU 13 formed out of the former School Administrative Districts 5 and 50. When the two neighboring districts formed, SAD 50's Superintendent Judy Harvey served as assistant superintendent for one year in the newly formed RSU 13.

Tribou grew up in Owls Head, attended local schools and graduated from Rockland District High School.

She attended the University of Maine at Farmington on full scholarships from the local community. After graduating, she taught for two years at Messalonskee Middle School in Oakland, before returning to the Midcoast where she taught for two years at Georges Valley High School in Thomaston.

In 2009, when RSU 13 was formed, Tribou was hired at RDHS and taught one year prior to the creation of Oceanside High School. Tribou taught English and literacy skills for eight years at Oceanside.

She earned the National Board Certification during that time as well as worked toward multiple graduate degrees. Beginning with her first year at GVHS, she held leadership roles each year of her teaching career — from helping to establish a freshman team and it’s mission and vision at GVHS and later RDHS to serving as a literacy coordinator and educational leader in charge of supporting professional development.

She has been in the director of curriculum position for four years.

"I am so incredibly honored to serve this community and district," she said.

At the Oct. 15 meeting, the Board also voted to appoint Terri Church as assistant special education director. She succeeds individual education plan coordinator Larry Schooley who resigned last month.

Church is assistant principal at the high school and will continue in that role as well until the assistant principal position is filled.

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Comments (10)
Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Oct 19, 2020 19:04

Hmmm. 11 years without? Nothing collapsed. Do you happen to have the student enrollment numbers going back a decade? Maybe a relative in the upper school administration can get them for you? I'll have cheese to go with my whine.

Posted by: David Ross | Oct 19, 2020 16:57

Up until 2009 our district had an assistant superintendent (and since we have not had one for 11 years, you would be hard pressed to get a list of past assistants over the last decade). Nearly all other RSU, School Unions, SAD's, etc in the state and the country have assistant superintendents. In the last 8 months the administrative teams for every school in the state have been taxed well beyond their capabilities with response to COVID-19 - developing multiple scenarios for learning (home, in-class, hybrid) - providing government mandated meals for children even when they are not at school (yes, that happened) - making learning spaces "safe and sanitized" - the list goes on and it's not nearly over. Even if this were the creation of an entirely new position (which it is NOT) or an exorbitant increase in an existing salary (which it is NOT), your individual tax burden would likely be less than the cost of a scratch ticket. Stop whining and be thankful for the results that have already transpired

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Oct 19, 2020 15:55

Things are different today. Back in the fifties and sixties before the fishing industry was fished out jobs were more plentiful. Now one has to be computer literate so it helps if you know the alphabet or at least  can make change without taking you shoes off. I don't blame the teachers as the students that want to learn are successful in doing so. They can hire all the administration they want but it all starts at home.


Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Oct 19, 2020 12:59

Just as a point of common sense, I don't recall the school district ever having or needing an assistant superintendent in the past. I would certainly question the need given that school student numbers are shrinking... not increasing over the last decade or more, if I am correct. Perhaps someone can post the names of past assistant supers over the last decade or more. Maybe someone can also post here the annual student enrollment numbers over, let's say, the past 10 years. Our costs of supporting this school system are already through the roof without paying for a top heavy administration.

Posted by: Dan Bookham | Oct 19, 2020 09:35

Just as a point of order, this combines two jobs into one without any increase in salary (and that formalizes the role Ms. Tribou had stepped up to perform for the past two years already), which given that there was no new hire (and again, no pay increase) this is a net savings to tax payers.

"Board Chairperson Loren Andrews stressed that no additional position was created but that Tribou will be doing two jobs. There was no raise with the promotion. Tribou has basically been acting as assistant superintendent for the past few years."

Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Oct 17, 2020 19:09

Amazing how these long vacant positions get by for so long without being filled. How on Earth do they struggle by for so long?

Posted by: David Ross | Oct 17, 2020 15:50

Perhaps members of the school board didn't voice their opposition because they weren't opposed. Perhaps they saw this as an opportunity to fill a long vacant position by giving a deserving administrator a modest salary increase without adding an additional employee.

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Oct 17, 2020 09:44

My remarks are in no way meant to demean Mss. Tribou who I am certain is well deserving of her appointment.  I would like to embellish on Mr. Robinson's comments.  It seems the school district is never at a loss in finding new ways to spend taxpayers money.  In these harsh economic times where many are losing their jobs, their businesses and for some their homes, it is no time to be adding positions.  We need to be looking for ways to cut the budget and not add to it.  There are several on the board that I would like to call out for their complete silence on this matter especially Doug Curtics a staunch conservative as well as Chelsea Avirett  our other Rockland representative, both should have said something in opposition.

Posted by: James Clinton Leach | Oct 16, 2020 15:53

Congratulations Steffany !

Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Oct 16, 2020 11:33

Running out of places to spend money on extravagant buildings, etc. Gotta find some place to spend it to keep that fat budget in progress it seems.

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