New Article Posted - A Fresh Baptism of Fire is Here-

A fresh baptism of fire is here that is imparting new life! God is igniting hearts with the eternal flame of His love. The fruit of this fire is transforming lives, redeeming the lost and restoring the fallen. Awakened by the power of His love; people feel the warmth of God’s presence like a kindled fire that burns brightly in the fireplace of their heart. What is taking place testifies of the power of God resident in those that have caught the fire. The warmth of this fire is addictive, powerful and very fulfilling.

A great awakening has begun! To read this article click on this link

Eastgate KINGDOM LIFE School of the Spirit -meets Sundays at 4:00 pm at the home of Roy & LInda Roden, 20 Riverside Drive, Camden, Maine. We are a ministry to equip, activate and release believers for the work, of intimacy. This is open to all who desire to cultivate intimacy with God, develop their gifts, and accelerate their spiritual growth.

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In His heart and love - Roy Roden


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