Neighbor expresses concern about proposed hotel parking

Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding plans hotel for Main Street
By Daniel Dunkle | Feb 03, 2014
Source: File photo In 2010, Rockland's Planning Board approved construction of a five-story building at 250 Main St. on the site of the former Hollydachs Pet Center. The project has stalled, but owners now hope to build a hotel there.

Rockland — Amy Files of Pleasant Street said she is concerned about what a proposed parking area might do to her quality of life.

She said she and some area neighbors plan to attend the Feb. 3 City Council meeting in which a zoning change may be discussed.

Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, which had proposed a five-story building at 250 Main St. in 2010, may now change the project from a mix of condominiums and business rental space to a 28-room hotel, according to city officials.

To provide parking for the proposed hotel, the company has submitted plans to the Rockland Code Office to use a small parcel of land across from the train station off Pleasant Street.

A dilapidated multi-family dwelling on the property would be torn down to make room for 12 customer parking spaces, according to Code Enforcement Officer John Root.

In order to do that, the City Council must grant a zoning change. Part of the property is in a residential zone. The city is considering extending the neighboring commercial zone to accommodate the project.

In addition to the parking for customers, the company plans a small green space and parking for employees.

Files argues this is really spot zoning. She said the property in question provides a buffer between her property and the train station and Trackside Restaurant.

She also complained that no one from the city contacted neighbors to inform them of the proposed changes.

She said in an email: "there are challenges, living with train tracks in your back yard, and this project threatens the little bit of protection that we have as a residential property."

Lyman-Morse spokesperson Marnie Read was not able to provide any information about the project when contacted Feb. 3, but said she will get back to the newspaper with more details soon.

In 2010, Rockland's Planning Board approved construction of the building at 250 Main St. on the site of the former Hollydachs Pet Center. Since then, some work has been done on the foundation for the building and pillars were erected around the first floor area. Beyond that, work on the project has stalled.

In October 2013, owner Cabot Lyman said he still hopes to move forward with the project in spring of 2014, but it needed customers signed on for the then-proposed condominiums. Now the project may go forward as a hotel.

The City Council is holding an agenda-setting meeting Feb. 3, at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall and will decide whether to place the zoning issue on the agenda for its next meeting Monday, Feb. 10.

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Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Feb 04, 2014 13:32

I remember a zone change requested on old county.  Steve carroll wanted a commercial zone to conduct retail on his property. The city refused citing no desire to expand commercial zones into a residential neighborhood. Guess it just depend on how much money you have.

Posted by: Kathryn Fogg | Feb 04, 2014 00:23

This is just too much building on that small lot. As far as using the small space for parking next to the building, it is minuscule.  Did the developers decide that the office building was not economically feasible?  The hotel/condo might turn into a financial disaster with the council wondering what to do with it.  Oh, well, they were talking about finding a new city hall.


Posted by: Danny Lee Jackson | Feb 03, 2014 21:10

Susan...I believe one of the earlier articles mentioned valet parking. This would mean the people wouldn't have to park their cars and walk through the rain.

Posted by: Jim Gamage | Feb 03, 2014 21:08

I can see valet parking being utilized.  All Aboard Trolley Co. specializes in valet parking with shuttle service for the guests.

Posted by: Susan P Reitman | Feb 03, 2014 17:38

This is the DUMBEST thing I ever head of.  People are going to have to park their cars and walk to the hotel with all their luggage in the rain, in the snow.  What a joke!!!!  Every since this project started I have asked many times where were the people who lived and worked in the building supposed to park but could never get an answer.  If this project goes forward Rockland is going to be a laughing stock.  So much for a five star hotel; how about a zero star hotel.  If the project moves forward it will turn out to be a FLOP HOUSE or low income rooms with all the riffraff that goes along with it.  Surly the powers that be in Rockland can come up with a better use for the corner.  Why not MAKE THE CORNER A PARKING LOT.  There needs to be more parking for the Neptune Festival, etc.

Posted by: David E Myslabodski | Feb 03, 2014 16:51

First the plan was for 5 levels; now they want to build 28 rooms . . . Numbers do not add up. Ground level for a reception, then 7 rooms per level? Are we talking rooms or closets?

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