My webinar notes from Ray Merriman's financial presentation, are here. Hope it makes sense to you.

Feb 15, 2021

Ray Merrimans’ financial webinar Feb. 2021. I took notes. Sorry if it seems like I'm jumping around, I'm trying to get the information he shared with us, to you as best I can. This is not my area of expertise. I do understand Saturn in a challenging aspect with Uranus however and we already are experiencing this type of disruptive energy with outright wild violent events like, January 6th.


Challenging aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will create problems for year 2021, which he termed the year of “the contrarian.”  This aspect in the past has been bad for the stock market. “Nothing goes as planned and to expect the unexpected.” He said this many times during the webinar. Moving in the direction of change verses the standing still dedication to tradition and what is already established will be the crux of the problem in many areas of our lives. More individuals in governing  roles rather than the power being held by only a few. This is a global shift.  Government policies, rules and regulations and changes in tax rates for the wealthy will have an influence on the stock market, Merriman says. The Fed is keeping the interest rate low right now, but that will go up this year, he said. The world adjusting as COVID becomes less of a scare that too will affect our economy and bring new ways of living in the world. People are restless and want to move about and travel again. SMP500 more of an indicator of the stock market than the Dow Jones. He did speak about the bitcoin as remaining a good bet but said it will drop and rules may change that will bring its value down. He mentioned that when Saturn and Pluto are conjunct (close together mathematically) it is not good for the market. That took place recently from April 2019 until October 2020. Now it’s the next phase of, “Saturn in a challenging aspect to Uranus.” He is concerned about this taking place this year from May until July and then one more time in December 2021. Pretty hard to know for sure up or down,  is what I get from all of these anticipated surprising circumstances that will, for sure be taking place this year and will affect the stock market.

According to Ray,  June and July of this year would not be too good for investing. Also, October 29 until December 31 also not looking too good.

He sees a “revolution” in education which will be in favor of technology and travel. He believes restrictions fall away in May. Sporting events will once again be populated. Communes become more popular as they were in the 60’s. People buy land together as a way of approaching aging the way they ideally want to. Also heading in the direction of space colonies, but not right away.

He did say “be buyers” for the lows that come for those who can afford to take risks. Good buying opportunities come May until July 15.

“Buy bitcoins this week,” he said “until it’s not a buy.” Government could intervene and take control of bitcoin investing. Elon Musk and other wealthy entrepreneurs  may get restricted on their space goals. This is a huge topic.

He sees governments attempting to put a halt to monopolies and also to regulate the internet. The people will need to speak out about this.

Best suggestions he could give to those who are not comfortable taking risks:

Save cash.*

Avoid expanding personal debt with risky investments.*

“Bitcoins are speculative and so is gold and silver although silver is doing well right now. Diversify currency. Swiss franc is good, and so is Euro and Canadian dollar.”

Crude oil went down to lowest it’s ever been. “T bonds high, Mortgage rates will go up. Interest rate will go up. He also stated Kamala Harris ‘ chart shows she is in danger and has received death threats. Ray said he hopes that she has a good relationship with the secret service to protect her, and also Biden. He thinks there could be a bankruptcy issue with Biden having given so much away with stimulus checks. (I personally hope that’s not accurate!!) “Silver leading gold, look to buy, then goes up.” I wonder how all of this Merriam information compares with those of you…. in the know? Gold, he said, get out leave 10%. in for the next 30 years. “Silver out performing gold is a good thing.”

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