My Octopus Teacher: Film Discussion lead by Herring Gut Learning Center's Educators

Community Happenings
via ZOOM
Sally Crusan
Mar 30, 2021
7:00 PM
Source: Netflix My Octopus Teacher, Netflix Documentary

Join us for a film discussion led by Herring Gut Educators Georgie Burruss and Patrick Burnham.
Participants are asked to watch
the Netflix documentary PRIOR to
this event and be ready to
engage in an exciting and
informative discussion.
A Zoom link will be shared the day of event.
Filmmaker and free diver Craig
Foster spent the last decade
diving off the rocky coastline of
Cape Town, South Africa, known
for its extremely cold water and
rough conditions. The kelp
forest where the story takes
place is a clear and still patch in
the midst of a chaotic coast, rich
in biodiversity.
One day, he meets an octopus as he is
exploring the kelp forest, and
driven by a playful but serious
curiosity he builds trust with the
young octopus that allows him
to bear witness to most of her
short life and find unexpected
meaning in his own.