My dog 'Chocolate'

By Catherine Cooper

I moved here from Chicago in July with my kids and my dog Chocolate.

We had gotten her 8 years earlier from an animal rescue facility in a suburb outside of Chicago and fell in love with her right away. She was already named and it fit, so we kept her as 'our Chocolate'.

I found it nearly impossible to find a house or apartment that would accept my dog. She is a wonderful dog,a spaniel and chocolate lab mix and of course, she is, as the name suggests, chocolate colored.

We gave her to the Humane Society of Knox County along with some donations as the guilt and upset ate at us.

She was recently adopted and it is bittersweet. .

We would love to either see her and/or get an update on her. If you are open to this, please call us at 630 202 6037 

We will miss her. Always.

We do want to thank the Humane Society of Knox County for their care of her. They found, as they say,a loving home for her. I believe that they did.  

Finally, I want to say to the family that adopted her, please take care of her and love her as we did. We never wanted to give her up. She is a sweet and loyal dog. And thank you, she deserves all the love you can give. 

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