My Aunt Doris passed away today. What an incredibly cool person she was.

By ananur forma | Nov 12, 2017

here's a photo of my aunt Doris (Leo sun sign) with my Dad (Sagittarius sun sign) and Mom (Gemini sun sign). I love this photo. My cousin Tony sent it to me the other day. They have all passed on into the Light of the Spirit realm now. I miss all of them and their fun.

I am still working on the book that I am going to get published. It's a collection of  personal interviews with individuals who have had NDE's (near death experiences) and KNOW with certainty that there is no death. Their personal experiences have changed their lives, and their perception of life and death. They all consistently agree there is no, "death," that we drop the body and move onward in Spirit.

I had an experience, actually two of them, when I thought for sure I was about to die (in car accidents) and felt my body totally relax and accept, that it must be "my time," and then... the accident totally demolished my cars, but I remained in tack, not my time to go...apparently. Looking at the accidents, showed me something much bigger than me was in charge. I had been obsessed with death since I was child, wondering what happens when you die? I was afraid that everyone would go on having fun and I would miss out. Now, because of other's experiences, I no longer fear and doubt that fun will continue.

Anyway, I love this photo... and my aunt Doris left, passed away, "died" today, peacefully and for that... I am grateful.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Nov 13, 2017 15:07

Condolences Carol and am so glad you too feel the crossing over will not be the end but a continuation. Love being here in AZ and laugh when they say this COLD winter they are having; temps go down to 52 degrees, PM and raise up to 77 degrees. AM.

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