MSN Money's Michael Brush on the future of the housing market

By Dan Bookham | Apr 19, 2010

United States — If you are at all interested in the future shape of the housing market after the expiration of the $8,000 and $6,500 tax credits at the end of this month (and if you live or work in Knox County, you should be) you might find the following article my MSN Money's Michael Brush an interesting read:

"The economy is improving, and there are signs that jobs are coming back, which should make more people confident enough to buy homes. Lots of people are already itching to make the move while houses remain cheap and interest rates are low.

In fact, in many markets, home prices have been on the rise for eight straight months -- added incentive for potential buyers to jump into the market.

Sure, the bears are throwing around lots of negativity: that recent demand is driven by government incentives, that mortgage rates will go up, that a fresh round of foreclosures will kill the market. But their horror stories are all fairly easy to knock down.... (read more)"


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