Motorcycles In Motion & Road Runner Driving Academy
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Motorcycles In Motion & Road Runners Driving Academy

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Motorcycles In Motion offers all types of training for motorcycles. We offer the 2-day basic rider course, permit course, and experienced rider course.


**The 2-day basic rider course is a hands on training course which consists of 4-5 hours of classroom and 10 hours of motorcycle riding. We provide the motorcycle for you to train on. With successful completion you would receive the paperwork for your motorcycle endorsement.

**The permit course is 1 day classroom course to obtain your motorcycle permit.                 **The experienced rider course is a 6 hour one-day training course. The experienced rider course is for riders who have had at least 6 months of riding. This course is for riders to use their own motorcycle.


Road Runners Driving Academy offers driving programs for all ages. We offer a driving permit course for all ages, pre-drives for driving license examination, rehabilitation driving and evaluation driving.

Road Runners Driving Academy offers driver education program for students looking to obtain their driving permit. With our permit program the student would receive their drivers permit in hand at the end of their 5 week course. Road Runners Driving Academy also does an advanced OUI & texting program with their permit program.


Road Runners Driving Academy has two locations at this time located on Route 90 and in the Oceanside High School. We are centralized to Camden Hills Regional High School, Oceanside High School and Medomak Valley High School.

Other Locations
5 Farwell Dr., Rte. 90
Rockland ME 14841
Phone: 763-3745

Basic Rider Course

Motorcycles In Motion is offering the Basic Rider Course. This course is for motorcycles and consists of 5 hours of classroom and 10 hours of riding. The motorcycles are provided for this course unless you prefer to bring your own. To sign up call 763-3745 today!
Basic Rider Course for Motorcycles

Motorcycles In Motion is currently taking sign-ups for the Basic Rider Course. This course consists of 5 hours of classroom and 10 hours of riding. We provide the motorcycles for your use. To sign-up call 763-3745 today!