more Astrology for February 2018 Solar eclipse (New Moon) February 15

By ananur forma | Feb 19, 2018
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February 15 New Moon partial solar eclipse (in Antarctica & South America) with the Sun and Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius both conjunct Mercury… which forms a positive aspect to Uranus (ruling planet of Aquarius) this takes place at exactly 4:05 p.m. The genius innovative qualities of Aquarius are emphasized because of the placement of Uranus, in relation to the eclipse. Innovations will be in the leading role during this year! I love it that in London they have figured out how to use coffee grounds to run the red double decker buses! I know they had to do a special process in a laboratory. I hope we can do that here in the USA. I know that Trump won’t suggest it. He is interested in oil & money. We don’t need oil for electricity, anymore. We’ve got so many other choices. Oil drilling off the coast of this country is a terrible idea! We need to make our thoughts known. Aquarian energy is group oriented and is concerned with the future, if there is going to be one. We may have to call on our ET buddies for help. They can’t help unless we ask. I know there are “good ones” and “bad ones,” in our psychic field. The “bad ones” thrive on our fear and anger. We can’t give them that, to “feed” them. We all need to gather and support one another to be even more caring of each other and make decisions that are for the good of all. That is what is deep in our hearts, I’m not telling you anything new. Just a reminder. I love the Moody Blues song (Story in Your Eyes) that states, “The Love that’s deep inside us, is still the same.” The word “still” in the song says so much… that being in stillness reminds of us our deep love and peace inside… that cannot be “stolen” unless we get so caught up in fear and anger that we forget the Stillness is within. I’m sure I’ve said this before… this is just another reminder of our ONENESS.






February 17 Mercury will enter Pisces at 11:28 p.m. until March 6 and brings to the foreground psychic energies. Perhaps Doctor Oz will be interviewing psychics on his TV show? People like him, and they listen to what he says. Pay attention to your dreams- some are prophetic, some are reviews of daily life, and others are experiences that are unexplainable in daily consciousness. I know that you know this.


February 18 the Sun will enter Pisces at exactly 12:18 p.m. until March 20th.  We all tend to be more sensitive and also vulnerable to being influenced. Trust your gut feelings. Don’t allow someone with strong opinions to over power your thinking. Swimming and relaxing in water is a great idea. Some will find vacation time to do just that.


February 19-21 Venus is conjunct Neptune, both are in Pisces which emphasizes the need for spiritual love or a romantic love that expands your nature to love, even more! The desire for a loving equal partnership is stronger than ever. I wonder if a spiritual teacher would speak out and inspire us all now? The Pope has said some great things lately. I guess he’s not impressed with Trump, either. Mercury is in a positive aspect to Saturn which can bring about sensible solutions to seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Getting advice from an elder is always a good idea when Saturn is involved.


February 22 -25 Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces which brings about incredible inspiration and awareness of the Divine Plan in action. The fog recedes and spiritual perception takes over. This is a great time for a spiritual retreat from everyday life. The Sun in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn suggesting the power of structure, planning and sticking to the plan in order to accomplish one’s goals. Being at a structured retreat makes perfect sense to me, or you could spend a day in silence (at home) and write thoughts that come, in your journal, and just drink pure water for the day. This fits with the energy of these 3 days.


February 22-28 Mercury and Venus in Pisces, are in an awkward aspect with Mars in Sagittarius making relationships overly challenging. You might say the wrong thing or miss out on appreciating your mate when he or she really needs that, from you. It’s hard to know sometimes unless the person tells us what they need. Life is complicated. If your sensitive and observing now you will see your partner is feeling low and in need of your appreciation and support. Playful (making fun) remarks are not helpful.



February 24-28 Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Pisces and are in a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, it brings about healing to a relationship in need of embracing deeper understanding of one another and forgiving each other’s imperfections. Hey, we’re all “perfectly imperfect.”  If it were not so, we would not be here! Have you read “Journey of Souls?” yet? It really makes it clear how the whole thing works.



February 27- March 1 Venus in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio and can bring about a wonderful romantic relationship, or you enjoy watching a film that is romantic and has an interesting plot. If you already are with your true love, bless you, and enjoy each other and do something celebratory during these few days to acknowledge how blessed you two are!!!


February 28- March 2 Mercury will be in a positive aspect with Jupiter ushering in humor and wisdom! It’s also a great time for travel.



*March 1 Full Moon at 7:51 p.m. with the Sun at 11 Pisces directly opposite the Moon at 11 Virgo. Both are in a challenging aspect to Neptune at 13 Pisces. Oh boy… talk about confusion, this will be a time of foggy thinking, unclear emotions, and con artists having a field day. You and I will be more sensitive than ever. Try to relax and let things go and don’t take anything too personally or seriously. Do not make any important decisions based on your emotions, at this time. Don’t let someone convince you to do something that you feel uncomfortable with. Also this is a time when those who have addictions could O.D.


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