more Astrology for February 2018 Solar eclipse (New Moon) February 15

By ananur forma | Feb 27, 2018
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here's the rest of the month. Hope you're all doing well!!! if you have questions send them to me at  and I will respond in my blog.


February 22 -25 Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces which brings about incredible inspiration and awareness of the Divine Plan in action. The fog recedes and spiritual perception takes over. This is a great time for a spiritual retreat from everyday life. The Sun in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn suggesting the power of structure, planning and sticking to the plan in order to accomplish one’s goals. Being at a structured retreat makes perfect sense to me, or you could spend a day in silence (at home) and write thoughts that come, in your journal, and just drink pure water for the day. This fits with the energy of these 3 days.


February 22-28 Mercury and Venus in Pisces, are in an awkward aspect with Mars in Sagittarius making relationships overly challenging. You might say the wrong thing or miss out on appreciating your mate when he or she really needs that, from you. It’s hard to know sometimes unless the person tells us what they need. Life is complicated. If your sensitive and observing now you will see your partner is feeling low and in need of your appreciation and support. Playful (making fun) remarks are not helpful.



February 24-28 Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Pisces and are in a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, it brings about healing to a relationship in need of embracing deeper understanding of one another and forgiving each other’s imperfections. Hey, we’re all “perfectly imperfect.”  If it were not so, we would not be here! Have you read “Journey of Souls?” yet? It really makes it clear how the whole thing works.



February 27- March 1 Venus in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio and can bring about a wonderful romantic relationship, or you enjoy watching a film that is romantic and has an interesting plot. If you already are with your true love, bless you, and enjoy each other and do something celebratory during these few days to acknowledge how blessed you two are!!!


February 28- March 2 Mercury will be in a positive aspect with Jupiter ushering in humor and wisdom! It’s also a great time for travel.



*March 1 Full Moon at 7:51 p.m. with the Sun at 11 Pisces directly opposite the Moon at 11 Virgo. Both are in a challenging aspect to Neptune at 13 Pisces. Oh boy… talk about confusion, this will be a time of foggy thinking, unclear emotions, and con artists having a field day. You and I will be more sensitive than ever. Try to relax and let things go and don’t take anything too personally or seriously. Do not make any important decisions based on your emotions, at this time. Don’t let someone convince you to do something that you feel uncomfortable with. Also this is a time when those who have addictions could O.D.


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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Feb 19, 2018 14:57

Thanks Carol! I made some notes to watch for.

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