Moody Blues lovers- local radio: WRFR 93.3 fm Kyle Swan will play their music 8-9 p.m. this Sunday Jan. 14 tune in.

By ananur forma | Jan 12, 2018


I wish I could be on the air with Kyle, he invited me, but... will be working overnight caring for an Aries elder. so will miss out. Here is what I wrote for Kyle to share with listeners as I consider myself a Moody Blues lover &  expert. he may? or may not read this on air.
his choice.
*just found out that Ray Thomas the famous flute player for the Moody Blues, from the beginning, up until a few years ago (due to health issues) has passed away. He was greatly loved and admired. p.s. he married a fan, and lived happily ever after. well just about!
here's what I wrote to Kyle. please enjoy his show on Sunday!!!! 8 p.m. Jan. 14   93.3 fm
Hi Kyle,
you won’t have on an album
old ones that I love.... like .............
“What am I doing here?”  both by Justin Hayward.
however..” Story in your eyes,”   was my radio show's theme song and is so energizing!
in fact when WBLM first went on air in mid 70’s this was the song they played,
I never knew that until a few years ago!!! guess I'm psychic.
“Question”  from the Question of Balance album is GREAT!!!
and.......... “Never Comes the day” on Threshold of a Dream album
“Gypsy” ...........from Children’s Children album is a fantastic song.
am curious what songs you will choose?
“I’m just a Singer in a rock ‘n’ roll band,”
by John Lodge people know and love that song.
our Code Officer, John Root,  I know that you know him and have worked with him on building permits, etc.  John  loves...    “Tuesday Afternoon”
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