Monhegan Boat Line
P O Box 238
Port Clyde, ME 04855
Phone: (207) 372-8848
Hours: Trips daily, year-round


The Original Monhegan Mailboat Experience ...

transporting you through the waters of beautiful Muscongus Bay and enchanting Monhegan Island. You'll embark in the charming village of Port Clyde, at the tip of the St. George peninsula.

Once passengers and freight are loaded on board, we steam out of the harbor past Marshall Point lighthouse. As we follow our protected route among pine-clad islands, we see birds of many varieties. Sometimes, porpoises and small whales rise from the water just beyond our bow. Our course usually takes us by lobstermen hauling their traps, schooners gliding before the wind, and pleasure craft of every description. On the return trip, we pass close to Seal Rock, where we often spot entire families of seals frolicking in the water and basking in the sun.

Maine businesses are often family affairs, and the Monhegan-Thomaston Boat Line is no exception. From the time the Barstows took over the mailboat, Jim and Judy's crew have included their children and their extended families, as well as other invaluable staff members. We all look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Puffin/ Nature Cruise Narrator

Enthusiastic? Seabird Savvy? Love Boats and being out on the Ocean? If so we would love to have you join the Monhegan Boat Line Crew. Strong customer service skills required. Seasonal Full Time Position ~ June through Mid August. Can be flexible with the dates if a qualified teacher applies. ...