Mobile Apps Bringing You Into The Future

By Jennifer Noble | Nov 02, 2017

Technology has opened up numerous avenues for web developers and mobile app developers all over the world to create millions of different kinds of apps and software. Most of our mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets have numerous apps in them to enable you to use them to your satisfaction. However, over the past few years, there has been a sudden increase in the number of mind-blowing apps that make you feel like you are already in the future, which is just amazing.

Currently, the technology world has been taken by storm by a lot of amazing apps that sooner or later, people might end up without jobs. Most apps are now acting as the ‘middle man’ as they offer services that are done by people such as mobile banking apps, online delivery apps, travel apps, and dating apps. This has been enhanced by the numerous functionalities available on apps in addition to the futuristic aspects and fun they bring. With hundreds of apps being introduced in the mobile market every day, it is important that each app has the best features and experience to make its users appreciate it and use it as much as possible. Let us now look at several mobile apps that have gone an extra step to ensure that they bring you into the future.

1. Operator

The Operator app is an iOS app that is specifically designed to assist people to buy items over the internet. If you need to buy your child the perfect birthday gift, you just need to text Operator, and it will find the best birthday gift and deal on your behalf. The Operator app has an inbuilt chatbot that converses with sellers on the other end on your behalf. This app eliminates the search process you’ll have to undertake to find the best deal and present for your child or loved one. This app will read the written message, examine it and decide the best deals available for you. Operator app also gets rid of the repetitive processes and enables you to carry out other important activities. It behaves exactly like a virtual assistant, only that it is an app; thus improving your mobile experience. You will also get improved service as the app will assign the best operator to assist you to accomplish your task.

2. Babylon Health

When you get sick, and you cannot even get out of your bed, the one thing you would wish for is your doctor to appear right next to you and helps you get better ASAP! Well, Babylon Health app does exactly that for you. Babylon Health is the perfect medical app that gives you the ability to get the services of a ‘doctor’ in your hands. Unlike other medical apps, Babylon Health has an inbuilt chat-oriented interface that enables you to converse with the app. By stating your current symptoms, this app offers fast and precise medical advice. This app creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are truly talking to your doctor and getting more personalized and tailored answers.

3. Ubiatar

Do you feel like traveling to a new city and do new things? Well, the Ubiatar app gives you the opportunity to travel to new cities and locations around the world straight from your home or office chair. This app uses Avatars (people hired to give you the physical presence) located in different locations to perform various activities like walking around the city, picking up stuff, and even visiting museums and art galleries on your behalf. Through cloud technology, a smartphone, and a good internet connection, the user (you) can connect to any Avatar around the world and pay for various services. This app brings to life the real experience of teleportation.

4. Haiku Deck

In day to day corporate life, you need to create several presentations for your colleges, boss, or even prospective clients. Haiku Deck offers you the opportunity to create stunning presentations in just a short time. This iPad app has numerous filters, layouts, and themes that are not found in today’s presentation software. It also offers the option of integrating creative and fun pictures all within this app.


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