Miller School students stand up to bullying

Nov 28, 2012
More than 275 Miller School students took a pledge not to bully.

Waldoboro — On Nov. 7, the halls at Miller School were filled with blue and gold to support the anti-bullying day that was held.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade spent the morning learning about anti-bullying in various ways. Some classrooms did experiments about how words can hurt and you can’t take back mean things that are said, some made graphs about bullying in school, the older students discussed what cyber-bullying is and others read stories and watched videos about anti-bullying. The message that students took away was that bullying is not acceptable in any form.

At the end of the day, students and staff were asked if they would pledge to stand up to bullying. By taking the pledge, students agreed not to bully others and also to report bullying or help anyone they see being bullied. More than 275 students and staff signed their name on the pledge board.

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