Mike Phillips Is The Better Choice For Knox County Sheriff.

By Catherine Cooper | Sep 24, 2014

Some important elections are coming up in just over a month. Governor, some state senate races, other local posts are being chosen and a crucial vote for Knox County Sheriff.is the one I am writing about today.

I would say in my opinion but it isn't just my opinion, it is hundreds of other people's opinion, many I have had the pleasure of talking to, who believe Mike Phillips is the best candidate for Knox County Sheriff.

With his resume of military service, police officer background and prison guard experience, Mike Phillips has the knowledge and expertise needed to do a great job.

The fresh perspective his leadership could provide is something that is missing currently under Incumbent Donna Dennison. There has been a stagnation in the Sheriff's office and that wouldn't be so bad if Donna Dennison's leadership had not been tarnished with scandals on her watch, under her command.


The final line in this article is: "The investigation and legal services have cost Knox County taxpayers $16,705, according to records in Hart's office."


"The victim told police Wellington gave her candy bars, a razor, and chewing tobacco if she showed him her breasts. She said he would also grope her, which occurred in the laundry room and in her cell. She estimated Wellington had touched her 75 to 100 times from April to August, said court papers."

Mike Phillips will have new ideas, a fresh perspective and a background that will serve Knox County Maine residents well.


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