Migratory birds fly into St. George

Jan 01, 2013

St. George — This fragile yellow-rumped warbler travels thousands of miles in spring and fall migrations. The itinerary includes the Gulf of Maine.

Easy? Not really. Super-storms, food availability, communication towers, windmills, and even predators like domestic cats are among the perils in the seemingly benign region.

University of Maine Professor Rebecca Holberton will share her observations on warblers, puffins, and other migratory birds on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at the town office in Tenants Harbor when she opens the annual Winter Series sponsored by the Conservation Commission and the Friends of St. George.

Holberton brings her experience as director of the Northeast Regional Migration Monitoring Network as well as research with the Laboratory of Avian Biology and the School of Biology and Ecology. The talk, "The Gulf of Maine Region: Is This Critical Flyway System at Risk?", will include hot beverages and home baked items provided by the sponsoring groups.

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