Middle schoolers tour UMaine engineering department

May 01, 2014

Orono — Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville elementary school students were recently treated to a peek inside University of Maine's engineering department in Orono.

With support and organization from Partners for Enrichment and school board member Jude Pearse, coordinator and associate professor of electrical engineering at UMaine, students were exposed to the most recent engineering innovations and technologies being taught at the university level.

The field trip provided students with a chance to see how math and science is applied in the real world and also introduced them to the educational opportunities the state of Maine offers. Students had time to participate in three out of nine different activities of their choosing in the various departments:

— The Physics Roadshow provided demonstrations on how physics fits into the real world.

— The Composite Center gave tours of the facility where wind turbines are made and introduced students to current projects, such as "bridge in a backpack."

— Chemical Engineering. The students learned about chemical bonding in a hands on demonstration of making slime.

— Mechanical Engineering. Students were introduced to the world of robotics.

— Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students learned to solder in order to create a blinking light project.

— Mechanical Engineering Technology showed off their new 3-D printer, which university student use to prototype real machine parts.

— Construction Management Technology had students make towers from spaghetti and marshmallows to see how high they could build.

— Electrical Engineering Technology got students involved in building a digital dice project.

— UMaine's Mainebound Program showed students the lighter side of engineering by hosting them at their indoor climbing and boulder walls.


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