Midcoast Lens: Lazy days of non-summer

Jan 28, 2013
Photo by: Gene Ernest Canada Geese search for last season’s peanuts and Crackerjacks at the St. George ball field.

Tenants Harbor — The St. George peninsula bustles in the summer but in mid-winter, not so much.

The tidal Ripley Creek is a little chunky these days. (Photo by: Gene Ernest)
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Posted by: Alan Benner | Jan 29, 2013 11:02

Dagney, I was subtly (apoligies if I wasn't so subtle) trying to make the point that many many people refer to them as Canadian Geese. Rather than be picky about silly details that most people wouldn't care about, most people would just overlook them and carry on with life without further silly controversy. I apologise if I've ruffled some feathers. I probably should have left this issue alone, and simply carried on.

Posted by: Dagney C. Ernest | Jan 29, 2013 09:48

Kendall's right and so was my dad, I made the slip!

Posted by: Alan Benner | Jan 28, 2013 15:59

Say's Who??  the sixty-plus years that I've been around here, they have always been referred to as Canadian Geese.

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Jan 28, 2013 15:02

It's Canada Geese - not Canadian geese...

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