Midcoast lens: Great day for ducks

By Sarah E. Reynolds | Feb 11, 2014
Photo by: Sarah E. Reynolds

Lincolnville — Mallard ducks paddle in the water at Lincolnville Beach while seagulls wade nearby on a February afternoon.

Seagulls strut, looking for food at low tide along Linconville Beach. (Photo by: Sarah E. Reynolds)
Looking across Penobscot Bay from Lincolnville Beach on a sunny February day. (Photo by: Sarah E. Reynolds)
Route 1, Lincolnville Beach, looks far away across the stretch of beach exposed by low tide. A line of snow shows the high tide mark. (Photo by: Sarah E. Reynolds)
A bit of cloud is reflected in a puddle left by the retreating tide at Lincolnville Beach. (Photo by: Sarah E. Reynolds)
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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Feb 11, 2014 19:48

Great pictures Sarah! It makes me remember when my girls were grade school and we would walk at low tide to watch the snails and other small creatures.

Mickey Mckeever

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