Midcoast Lens: Camden Hills veterans' breakfast

Nov 12, 2012
Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone A veteran makes his way in to Camden Hills Regional High School lobby to a warm welcome from students and staff at the annual Veterans Day breakfast.

The students and staff at Camden Hills Regional High School continue their tradition of serving breakfast to the many men and women veterans in the community.

On Monday, Nov. 12, veterans and their families gathered in The Wave Cafe at the high school to enjoy a morning of honor as well as breakfast and a talk by fellow veterans who have used writing to assist their healing process.

Lexi Doudera, front, in the serving line makes sure the veterans find everything they need. (Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone)
From left to right; Will Conover, Cole Ellison, Eddie McCluskey and Annabelle Carter work the serving line at the breakfast for veterans in The Wave Cafe at Camden Hills Regional High School Nov. 12. (Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone)
Kiera Haining provides piano music for the crowd to enjoy while dining on the fine veterans breakfast. (Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone)
Veterans enjoying breakfast. (Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone)
A sign at the entrance to the Veterans Day breakfast at Camden Hills Regional High School that honors veterans from all branches of service. (Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone)
Quarry Hill makes sure their veterans don't miss out on breakfast at Camden Hills Regional High School. (Photo by: Linda Hall-Stone)
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Posted by: Jennie Demmons | Nov 12, 2012 21:36

What a wonderful thing to do for our Veterans..THANK YOU to ALL Veterans for serving our country!! 

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