Midcoast lens: beware of the ... potholes?

Mar 15, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham

Cars and trucks are forced to swerve along to try and avoid the obstacle course of potholes on this portion of Old County Road in Rockland. This vehicle carefully maneuvers through March 13 in front of Time Warner Cable.

A section of Old County Road in Rockland that is causing a lot of conversation and frustration due to its condition. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Tire tracks disappear in potholes along Old County Road in Rockland March 13. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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Posted by: Joanne L Richards | Mar 18, 2014 12:32

This extremely cold winter has driven the frost so deep we will have a lot more frost heaves and pot holes this spring.  So slow down and save your car.


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Mar 18, 2014 09:35

Went to church Sunday and thankfully no one was behind me on the road. I did zigs and zags and straddled or avoided the deep holes, for ruts are gone, nothing left but big holes! Where is the Thomaston patch crew and where is the Rockport patch crew.

Mickey McKeever

Posted by: Susan Kanellakis | Mar 16, 2014 05:41

I'm considering avoiding Park Street between Pearl and Elm because of the frost heaves and potholes.  I've never seen the road is such terrible condition.

Posted by: Peter Rollins | Mar 15, 2014 18:35

Come to Lincolnville if you want to see bad roads.


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