Midcoast lens: Bald eagle sighting

Mar 04, 2018
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham

People passing by Chickawaukie Pond on Route 17 in Rockland March 4 were treated to a rare sighting of what appear to be two bald eagles enjoying a rest on the ice in the middle of the pond.

A zoomed-in look at a pair of bald eagles spotted on Chickawaukie Pond in Rockland March 4. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
It took just a glance to the left or right when traversing Route 17 along Chickawaukie Pond March 4 to spot  two bald eagles resting in the middle of the frozen water. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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Posted by: Neal Shepard | Mar 11, 2018 12:09

Eagles are no longer a rare sighting on the lake these days. They have been frequenting for a few years. They certainly are a majestic sight.

Posted by: Art Warren | Mar 05, 2018 06:39

tundra? New definition?

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