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Mid-Coast Wrestling Club peewees excel in mat tournaments

By Staff | Apr 07, 2017
Courtesy of: Trina Rollins Some of the Mid-Coast Wrestling Club's peewees.

The Mid-Coast Wrestling Club's peewee team excelled in a number of recent mat tournaments.

The program consists of children from the Five Town area — Camden, Rockport, Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville — and range from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.

The team members, listed by grades and area where they live, include: Jackson Eaton, kindergarten, Appleton; Dominic Turner, first grade, Camden-Rockport; Rita Haslam, second grade, C-R; Siri MacDonnell, second grade, C-R; Alex Ingals, second grade, Hope; Keegan Kelly, second grade, C-R; Justin Batty, third grade, Appleton; Dustin Dodge, third grade, C-R; Henry Pixley, third grade, C-R; Rylee Turner-Watts, third grade, C-R; Trevor Johnson, third grade, C-R; Blake Emery, third grade, C-R; Junebug MacDonnell, fourth gradfe, C-R; Ian Hammond, fourth grade, Lincolnville; Reid Chester, fourth grade, Lincolnville; River Pinkham, fourth grade, C-R; Vincent Mainella, fourth grade, C-R; Mason Deane, fourth grade, C-R; Connor Pease, fourth grade, Appleton; Landon Pease, fourth grade, Appleton; and Michael Rollins, fourth grade, C-R.

The head coach is Taylor Crosby, assistant head coach Levi Rollins and assistant coaches Cal Pease and Greg Rollins. Crosby is a recent Camden Hills wrestler, while Levi Rollins is a former Windjammer grappler and former head coach of the high school team.

Crosby said the team wrestles around Maine, and attended nine tournaments. Also, some members wrestled at the Youth New Englands in Salem, Mass. where one must be in third- to eighth-grade to attend, and have placed among the top three at the New England qualifier in Belfast to be able to go. "We had seven kids qualify to go down to Massachusetts, and six of those went," Crosby said.

“This is a big step up from just two the year before," Crosby said. "The kids won a handful of matches, but fell short on placing. The team came back and were ready to learn, and worked hard the next two weeks.”

Crosby said the Mid-Coast Wrestling Club's team also was the Oceanside “Brawl On The Bay” champions for the third straight year.

Over the next few weeks, the team participated in the Dover-Foxcroft Tournament. The squad brought 10 young wrestlers to the meet and had eight first places and two second places. "One of the two losses we had on the day was to one of our very own," Crosby said.

The next week was March 25, at the Maine Peewee States, where nine of the 12 local mat athletes placed.

"We went to the tough Marshwood New England Tournament [in Portland] looking for more placers and we came out with five," Crosby said. "We had four second placers and one fourth place. The whole team fought hard, very hard, and a lot of the kids came out with hard-fought victories."

Trina Rollins, who has been involved with the Camden-Rockport area wrestling programs for decades, said, "Taylor did a wonderful job with these kids. He clicks with them all very well, and they all admire him."

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The Mid-Coast Wrestling Club's peewee athletes and coaches. (Courtesy of: Trina Rollins)
Some of the Mid-Coast Wrestling Club's peewees. (Courtesy of: Trina Rollins)
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