Mid-Coast Solid Waste announces new facility manager

By Susan Mustapich | Jul 10, 2019

ROCKPORT — The Mid-Coast Solid Waste Board of Directors hired a new manager, Tokunboh-Baridi Nkokheli, it announced July 10.

Nkokheli, hired July 8,  will oversee operations at MCSW, 90 Union St., Rockport.

The new manager's three-year contract with a starting salary of $75,000 will begin by Aug. 26, and will expire Aug. 25, 2022. The contract was offered following a meeting July 5.

The July 5 meeting was attended by MCSWC Board Chairman David Barrows, of Lincolnville, and board members Owen Casas of Rockport, Bob Falciani of Camden, Alison McKellar of Camden and Wendy Pelletier of Hope, Lincolnville Town Administrator David Kinney, and Hope Town Administrator Samantha Mank. The meeting was announced July 4 after 5 p.m. and took place at 5:30 p.m. the next day.

Voting members Barrows, Casas, Falciani and McKellar voted in favor of approving the contract and Pelletier voted against approval.

The manager search was undertaken by the MCSWC Personnel Committee and employee representatives who selected several candidates to put forth to the Board of Directors for review. Many of the board members took part in the interview process and activities which allowed them several opportunities to interact with the candidate.

The Personnel Committee, Executive Committee representatives and employee representatives included Barrows, Casas, McKellar,  Mank, Camden Town Manager Audra Caler-Bell, Camden Finance Director Jodi Hanson and MCSWC employees Beth Kwiatkowski and Gary Leighton.

Nkokheli's career in the advancement of solid waste management began in Houston and includes working in solid waste management and public works administration in five municipalities in four states over a 30-year span. He is a certified solid waste manager through Texas A&M University Extension, and holds the recycling manager certification through the Solid Waste Association of North America, along with other certifications through professional and government agencies.

In a press release, the Board of Directors said it recognizes that he is an accomplished individual offering many years of successful experience encompassing all aspects of municipal solid waste management, including the areas of landfills, trucking fleets, municipal solid waste collection and recyclable material operations.

Nkokheli, currently of Baltimore, will move to the area in August.


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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 15, 2019 16:04

Thank you Don for the contribution that fully explains the seriousness of a person's background being hired by tax payers hard earned money. I wonder how many will be personally responsible for this employment success if and when the stuff hits the fan. Did you, by the way, and your committee read the "rest of the story"? Good luck I will sign off now for it appears the blind may be leading the blind.

Posted by: Don Dickinson | Jul 13, 2019 13:33

No breaking news here. The MCSWC were well aware of his firing as he brought it up himself during the interviewing process.


Several MCSWC Board and Executive Board members said July 12 that they were aware of the firing because Nkokheli brought it forth when he was interviewed; it was discussed and vetted by the Personnel Committee which recommended his hiring. (KVS 7/13/19)

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 12, 2019 17:32

Oh Sumner you are the calming of all nerves and concerns. However, I do not find this to have been a very well researched item due to the fact that all the allegations and points of this background do not seem as though this is a person suited, as many are not, for the hot issues involved in waste concerns today. I realize my take on this is tainted because of my reputation to tell it like it is, period. Would you hire this guy? How far can you go to think that there is another person by the name of TOKUNBOH-BARDI NIKOKHELI? Nice try ole boy but no cigar.   I would be willing that there is indeed another person, outside of maybe the coastal area, but in Maine that would be more suited for this position. I appreciate you being the only one to even hint on this subject/situation and that tells me that most people involved do not care and would possibly be too embarrassed to even reconsider their vote. Since no one cares to defend themselves in this matter I believe no one, even the reporter, googled this person. Do you NOT think that some flags would have been raised if they did. And, you must admit this is going to be a possible bad outcome, only too early, if and when he does go to court and might just be found guilty. The make up of the MCSWC is on the hook and most likely can not cancel the contract as I am sure every effort was made for this guy to protect himself. Rockland did a similar situation with a city manager major mistake with Mr. Choisses or whatever his name was. Remember him and the unpaid oil bills and credit card purchases he made. Is this any different> Remember some bad promotions and hires he did while in Rockland also. You were probably on the road, traveling and did not hear about all that mess. Would he have hire him? You see, you can sugar coat any situation, do your best to come up with all kinds of excuses, but do you think all this history in writing by the various news sources is wrong. No. Do not tell me that this information was even considered by the committee or the reporter. Cheers, Dale

I know this is not any of my business, enough trash to worry about in Rockland, but bad news is bad news wherever it goes.

Posted by: Sumner Kinney | Jul 12, 2019 07:21

Google Alert by Hayward - Dale, I am sure the Board of Directors did their research as you suggest.  Such an easy source of reference. I ask the reporter, Ms Mustapich, if she checked with Google?  In addition has the Board made arrangements for the new Director allowance for time off to travel and attend to his pending litigation?   There is much more news here that Village Soup should not let slip by.  Way to go Dale.  Perhaps there is another explanation?  Could there be another Tokunboh-Baridi Nkokheli?

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 11, 2019 16:19



Posted by: Deborah Clarisse Morrison | Jul 11, 2019 07:01

Save the environment...use only natural plastic!  (must be true, I saw it in a picture)

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 10, 2019 22:01

So much for those solid rumors.

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