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Innovative, Visioffice System Uses 3-D Images of Patients’ Eyes to Offer the Most Personalized Eyeglass Lenses Available


Mid-Coast Optical, a leading eyewear provider in the Rockland area for the past 40 years , was the first eyewear provider north of Boston to add of the state-of-the-art Visioffice® eyeglass lens measurement system. Manufactured by Essilor of America, Inc., the Visioffice allows eyewear professionals at Mid-Coast Optical to capture 3-D images of patients’ eyes to provide more accurate, personalized eyeglass lenses for every visual need. The Visioffice measures the exact location of each eye individually, as well as the visual behavior of the patient.


Thanks to the Visioffice, we can take precise measurements of each individual eye, unlike previous techniques that measure both eyes together, to offer the most individualized lenses possible to best correct patients’ vision issues. Patients who require corrective lenses benefit most from the precision of the Visioffice’s advanced measurement tools, resulting in a more personalized visual solution. Since July 2010, Mid-Coast Optical has been providing patients with eyeglass lenses made specifically, and uniquely for them, even based on their visual behavior - whether they tend to move their head or eyes more.


In addition to innovative 3-D measurements, the Visioffice System also helps patients select frames and learn about the features and benefits of various lens designs, materials and lens treatments through interactive and user-friendly videos.



About Visioffice:

Visioffice is a registered trademark of Essilor International.


Visioffice software was developed by the Essilor group, drawing on the expertise of proprietary Activisu measurement technology. The mirror and the Activisu brand are the property of Interactif Visuel Système (IVS).

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