Mercury is still retrograde, it lasts until Election Day November 3 at 12:50 pm east coast time zone. Just added a few more days to the list...

Oct 30, 2020
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Written by Astrologer Ananur (Carol) Forma) professional, certified Astrologer/counselor since 1976 began studying with famed Astrologer Isabel M. Hickey in 1973 in Boston. Certified by the C.I.A. Colegio International Astrologia of N.Y. contact me with any questions and I will respond to you (for free). Ananur lives in Rockland Maine.

You all know Mercury is retrograde which began October 13, and ends on November 3, our Election Day at 12:50 p.m. So far, it’s been a doozy on certain days and on other days nothing special. I was in the middle of typing up a chart interpretation and ran out of black jet ink. Ran to Staples got 2. Then at home realized they were both color which I already had. I phoned Staples and asked if they had any black ones? Nope. I asked when do they come in? Wednesday, he said. This was on a Saturday night. I went there on Monday to return the color ones and looked just to make sure and there was one black ink jet in my number!


November 1 Daylight savings ends at 2 a.m. for the states which still observe D.L.S.


November 1 – 17  Once every 13 years Jupiter catches up with Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto are now conjunct. The last time was December 2007. I looked it up and there was violence taking place during that month. Not sure why except that this conjunct creates incredible determination to be right and get attention even fame. Lakota Republic became named and independent. At this point in time it seems a new form of governance is about to take place, shift is made

The Lakota Freedom Delegation traveled to Washington, D.C. and contacted the State Department, announcing that the Lakota were unilaterally withdrawing from the several treaties with the United States government. The delegation presented a letter, dated December 17, 2007 and signed by longtime Indian activists Russell Means, Garry Rowland, Duane "Canupa Gluha Mani" Martin Sr., and Phyllis Young, which declared the Lakota to be "predecessor sovereign of Dakota Territory" and cited gross violations of the treaties between the Lakota and the United States as the immediate cause for withdrawal. The letter also invited the United States government to enter into negotiations with the newly declared entity, there identified only as "Lakotah". It threatened that if good-faith negotiations were not begun then "Lakotah will begin to administer liens against real estate transactions within the five state area of Lakotah."[22]



November 1 – 3 Venus in Libra is opposite Chiron in Aries. Be aware of those you care for and about that have a mental/emotional imbalance they will need more support at this time.



November 3 Confusion and mixed messages are typical with retrograding Mercury. Mercury will turn direct at 12:50 p.m. As you know the influence of being retrograde is apt to linger for a few more days.


November 4 – 6 (should end by 8 a.m.) Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Saturn. This aspect is just as agitating as when Mercury is retrograde! There will be lots more obstacles and delays. You’re probably feeling very frustrated.



November 5 – 7 (ends at 9 a.m.) The Sun is in an awkward aspect with Mars in Aries (retrograde) which is a sure indicator of anger bursting forth. Try to avoid making a quick decision. You need more information. Slow down. No need to hurry. You’re apt to be impatient and easily agitated. Nothing is going quickly enough for you right now.




November 7 – 9 Venus is opposite Mars in Aries (retrograde) could be some passive aggressive activity going on in a romantic/sexual relationship. “She’s mine she should do what I want.” Or how about this one: “If he really loves me, he’d be jealous of me when I’m flirting with other men, but he’s not. How come?”  Prejudicial thinking against women shows up. Distorted beliefs about what it means to be in a stable relationship needs re-defining for you.  It would be ideal if the two of you would discuss this honestly.


November 7 – 10 The Sun in Scorpio is in a superfine aspect with Neptune in Pisces ushering in high spiritual energies. Some would say there are Divine Beings helping us out right now. Could be. Chanting, praying, meditating, and journaling the insights
that come during meditation, will bring you peace and comfort. Creating music or listening to Gregorian chants or classical music will have an uplifting effect.

November 10 – December 1 Mercury in Scorpio finds you developing a suspicious mind. Sometimes we are too naïve and trusting. During times like these, it’s healthy to question yourself, “What’s my gut feeling about this situation or person?” You may tend to be sarcastic with Mercury in Scorpio, due to smoldering suppressed anger.

November 10 & 11 Venus in Libra is awkwardly aspecting Neptune in Pisces ushering in unrealistic hopes and wishes. Disappointment comes due to high expectations.
Did not know when I wrote this that Trump  and his worshippers would be in a state of delusion right now. This was written October 24.Unrealistic hopes and wishes can bring about an eventual depression. I know, I used to live my life that way in my 20's.

November 11 – 14 The Sun is in a positive aspect with Jupiter and Pluto, and it feels like celebration time. You ought to be feeling your natural inner strength building. This aspect brings about the courage to overcome obstacles to wellness. For those dealing with an addiction, this aspect brings possibilities for healing. Perhaps you’ve been sober for twelve years. This achievement gives hope to others who feel it might be impossible for them to get to that point, ever. This aspect brings the feeling stemming from the belief ......."that nothing is impossible."

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