Melchiskey to address Coastal Quilters

Jan 04, 2013

Camden — Coastal Quilters will meet Saturday, Jan. 12 at the Camden Lions Club on Lion’s Lane in Camden. Gather at 9:30 a.m. for coffee/socializing. This month’s program/workshop “Template-Free Appliqué” featuring Coastal Quilters’ member Barb Melchiskey will begin promptly at 10 a.m.

Melchiskey, an experienced, creative quilter/fabric artisan, has studied and taught hand appliqué for several decades. Her hands-on program/workshop will teach "Template-Free" Appliqué, on a small scale allowing participants to actually complete a small project, a greeting card suitable for Valentine's Day.

All are welcome to attend, no charge. The suitable blank, frame-style greeting cards/envelopes will be available for cost ($1/card). Attendees do need to bring the other, following materials (will be enough to create one card): size 8 embroidery needle or other larger-eyed needle, straw or other appliqué needle of choice, cotton quilting thread preferably yellow or other light color, background fabric (7-inch square) in white, off-white, muslin or some similar light color, three 4-inch squares in "heart" colors — your choice — be creative! but provide contrast between them. Also bring thread to match colors of "hearts", a small pair of sharp pointed scissors, and a mechanical pencil.

Although this workshop will focus on a small scale project, attendees gain the knowledge/ experience to allow them to transfer the basic technique of template-free appliqué to a wide variety (and larger) fabric arts projects. For questions about the program or materials list, call 236-9665 for more information.

The program will be followed by a refreshment/socialization break, “Show and Tell” and a short business meeting. Free and open to the public, all welcome. For more information, call Stevie Kumble, 236-2352 or Prudy Netzorg, 354-0938.

If interested in learning more about or joining Coastal Quilters but don’t care to participate in this project, bring a handiwork to do during the program! And, remember, the group meets the second Saturday of each month, September to June at 10 a.m. at the Lions’ Club.

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