By Fresh off the Farm | Feb 21, 2013

Meet Sabrina!
She has been with us for just over a year. She orders most of our vitamins! Sabrina would love to answer your supplement questions! She loves Ewald cinnamon rolls! Come meet Sabrina!

Meet Nikki and Mel, they are the go to people at Fresh of the Farm. Between the the two them they have over 33 years of experience here. They are very knowledgeable of all of your needs here so don't hesitate to ask. Mel is in charge of ordering produce, frozen foods, dairy, household items, cold and hot cereal, and all specialty items. Nikki is in charge of all bulk items, chips, salsa, bulk beans, and bulk spices. Come by today and say hello!

Meet Beth
She has been here for 3 years! Beth orders our baking/gluten free section, nut butter, soups/beans/broths, cooking oils, macro and ethnic sections and pastas and sauces. She is very good at finding you the best deals possible. Beth is a "lifer" here at FOTF and her nickname is Milly.
Come meet Beth

Meet Mark! He is our newest addition. Mark is doin a fantastical job learning the ropes here FOTF. Mark can be found on the register a lot getting to know customers! He is new to Maine just moving here from Michigan. Stop by and meet Mark!

Meet Cassy!
She has been with us for about 3 years! She is in charge of ordering snacks, tea, candy & crackers! Cassy is VERY knowledgeable in the tea section with over 350 tea and coffee choices. She is vegan and talks alil fast! Come meet Cassy

Meet Aaron!
He has been with us for almost a year! He orders spices & cereal. He is great with customers so if you have any questions, he would love to help you! Aarons favorite color is red! Stop by and meet Aaron

Meet Ashley! She has been with us for about 6 months! She orders our juice section, honey & maple syrup. You can find her all over the store cleaning and filling. Ashley's nickname is Lils cuz she is sooo tiny! Come meet Ashley

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