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Medomak Middle School rules Busline League cheering competition

Oceanside Mariners co-recipients of spirit award
By Ken Waltz | Jan 23, 2013
Photo by: Mark Haskell Members of the Medomak Middle School cheering squad perform Jan. 22 at Oceanside East High School during the Busline League championships. The Riverhawks won the league title, proving to be the best among the five participating squads.

Rockland — Following in the footsteps of their older Maine School Administrative District 40 counterparts, the Medomak Middle School cheering squad won its league title, with the Riverhawks jumping, tumbling, tossing and stunting to the Busline League championship Wednesday night, Jan. 23 at Oceanside East High School.

Great Salt Bay Community School of Damariscotta finished as runners-up, while Oceanside West and Bristol Consolidated School were co-recipients of the spirit award. Boothbay Region Elementary School completed the five-team event.

MMS again won the coveted crown, this time just three days after the Medomak Valley High School cheering squad secured another Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class B championship in Augusta.

Many of this year's Riverhawks will be future Panthers.

The competition included two rounds, with three scores for each team in each round and then the overall averages for the final places.

The first-round scores, plus penalty points, were: 1, Medomak, 11.8, 24 and 16 for 51.8 (no penalties); 2, Great Salt Bay, 12, 21.8 and 13.3 for 47.1 (no penalties); 3, Oceanside, 10.1, 20 and 13.5 for 43.6 (5 penalty points) for 38.6; 4, Boothbay, 10.2, 16.1 and 9.6 for 35.9 (no penalties); and 5, Bristol, 9.8, 17.3 and 9.4 for 36.5 (10 penalty points) for 26.5.

The second-round scores, plus penalty points, were: 1, Medomak, 13.1, 25.8 and 16.4 for 55.3 (no penalties); 2, Great Salt Bay, 12.6, 22.7 and 13.8 for 49.1 (no penalties); 3, Oceanside, 10.8, 207.7 and 14 for 45.5 (5 penalty points) for 40.5; 4, Boothbay, 10.7, 16 and 9.6 for 36.3 (no penalties); and 5, Bristol, 10.3, 17.5 and 10.2 for 38 (5 penalty points) for 33.

Overall team averages: 1, Medomak, 53.55; 2, Great Salt Bay, 48.1; 3, Oceanside, 39.5; 4, Boothbay, 36.1; and 5, Bristol, 29.75.

Click for photos from the middle school cheering championships.

Videos from the event appear below.

At Wednesday's Busline League competition, while waiting for the announcement of the team scores, the young cheerleaders sat in a large circle on the gymnasium floor and individuals periodically got up and performed inside the circle.

There also were plenty of announcements — shoutouts or words of praise, if you will — from family and friends to the young athletes throughout the competition.

The participating schools included:

Medomak Riverhawks — Eighth-graders Megan Libby, Danielle Morse, Makayla Grass, Katie Staples, Courtney Ducharme, Hannah Smith and Shanae Secotte; and seventh-graders Anna Wadsworth, Sophie Robbins, Erika Simmons, Autumn Sproul, Bekah Marks, Kaylee Meyer, Alyssa Blackler, Samantha Pelkey, Cassidy Benner, Emily Wiley, Sierra Metcalf, Rose Hickey and Abby Barter. The head coach is Leanne Young and the assistant coach Heather Herrick.

Oceanside West Mariners — Eighth-graders Aiden Giasson, Claudia Perez, Kaydin Frederick, Makaylah Karl and Katherine Howarth; seventh-graders Jenna Stine, Kiara Robinson, Lauren Darge, Erin Dugan, Anna Thorbjornson, Lily Johnson, Effie Monroe, Payten Simmons; and sixth-graders Katherine Simoneau, Kaylee Ann Miller and Katelyn Thomas. The coach is Irene McGonagle.

Bristol Blue Devils — Eighth-graders Alexis Hatch, Elizabeth Manning and Casey Prior; seventh-graders Cheyenne Cash, Lindsey Dalot, Mia Hall, Ivy Kimball and Emily Embury; and sixth-graders Julia Cheney, Aspen Dyer, Jenna Gilbert and Celia Moore. The coach is Meredith Glover.

Great Salt Bay Cougars — Eighth-graders Abby Thompson and Christy Grover; seventh-graders Abby Vaughn, Brianna Farrin, Caitlin Betts, Haylee Gagnon, Mallory Oliver, McKenzie Ford, Morgan Thompson, Paige Gray and Zoe Hunt; and sixth-graders Abbi Gifford, Julia Gemeinhardt, May Halm, Monica Staples and Sydnee Lilly. The coach is Brie Konitzky.

Boothbay Wildcats — Eighth-graders Emma Rideout, Eve Dolloff, Chyanne Rogers and Willow Beavis; and seventh-graders Elizabeth Ham, Sierra Murray, Courtney Lewis, Caitlin Chaousis and Lovely Uberita. The coach is Lisa Tilton.

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Oceanside West Middle School cheerleaders
Oceanside Mariners perform at the Busline League cheering championship competition Jan. 23 in Rockland. (Video by: Mark Haskell and Bryan Gess)
Medomak Middle School cheerleaders
Medomak Riverhawks perform at the Busline League cheering championship competition Jan. 23 in Rockland. (Video by: Mark Haskell and Bryan Gess)
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