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McCormick & Associates Builders was established in 1973 and is a Custom Builder of residential and commercial projects. Working with Architects, Engineers and Owners to build a project, to fill the Clients dreams, needs and desires, has always been the goal of  McCormick & Associates. Staffed with project managers, estimators, foremen, carpenters, plumbers, painters, and select sub-contractors, along with the personal touch of the owner, Allen Mitchell, each project, no matter how big or small, is important to the success of McCormick & Associates.

Building on the Maine Coast

We have seasons in Maine....That's why most people live here. The Summers are delightful, the Fall is colorful, the Winter sports many outside activities, and yes the Spring has mud season, along with the start of the cycle again. If you don't like change, well, I'm sorry. The seasons, also keep ...
McCormick & Associates Builders

It's been a busy summer at McCormick's, multiple school projects, finished a new home in Belfast, kitchen, bath and misc. renovations in St. George, painting crews are going non-stop, and here comes the Fall. Busy with multiple projects, and estimating more every day, from Boothbay to Searsport. ...
Fall Project Time

Now is the time to call to discuss the project you have been thinking about all summer. It could be an addition, renovation, or new home. Call McCormick and Associates Builders this week to schedule an appointment to discuss and get the ball rolling. McCormick has been working with customers ...
Approx. 7 weeks til Labor Day

Before you know it, summer will be over and you will saying, Where did the time go. The new home you are thinking about, the addition, the remodel, and now is the time to call McCormick & Associates Builders to start planning. Planning is the most important part of any project. Decide what your ...
SPRING is Here, HONEST !!!

Yes people, Spring is here......So what about that special project you have been thinking of, A New Home ? An Addition ?? A Little renovating ??? A Paint Job ???? Replacement of Old Windows, Doors or your spouse ??????????. Only kidding. Just seeing if you are awake. Call Allen @ McCormick & ...