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State Senate District 13

Maxmin wants to protect Mainers, combat climate change

By Christine Simmonds | Sep 22, 2020
Courtesy of: Chloe Maxmin Chloe Maxmin is running for Senate District 13, covering most of Lincoln County as well as Washington and Windsor.

Nobleboro — Chloe Maxmin said she believes in a different kind of politics that recognizes people have more in common despite their differences. She also has come to realize that many struggles faced by her constituents and Maine communities revolve around politics.

Maxmin said whether Maine communities are struggling with health care, education, aging in place or access to food and internet, “all of these issues stem back to our political system.”

Maxmin said she felt the political system was not representing or listening to her. “I felt like something was really broken with it,” she said.

So in 2018, she ran and won a seat in the House District 88, which includes Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson and some of Nobleboro.

Now, Maxmin has set her sights on State Senate District 13 for the November election. This includes all of Lincoln County except Dresdin, as well as Washington and Windsor.

Maxmin grew up in Nobleboro, and said that during her campaign in 2018, she heard the same message of political disconnect from those in her community. “We feel so abandoned by our government,” she said.

Maxmin felt if the government was really representing her community, people would be able to afford health care. “There’s something happening where the people we elect are not representing us; and that is the core problem of so many of the challenges that we’re facing today,” she said.

Maxmin said she thinks there is still hope for these systems, and is trying to fix them from the inside. “My mission is to try and figure out a better way to do politics,” she added.

Rising property taxes are some of the biggest issues Maxmin hears about from people. She is concerned the budget crisis in Augusta will cause much of the burden to fall onto individuals through property taxes. Maxmin said she opposes this option.

“Our tax structure in Maine is really skewed to put the pressure on individuals and towns to fund our essential services,” said Maxmin. “That’s not right in my mind.”

Maxmin said the issue instead requires a conversation about tax reform. “I... have pledged to my constituents to not vote on anything that would raise our property taxes,” said Maxmin. She said she will be looking for ways to protect Mainers as the legislators work to solve the budget crisis.

As for municipalities implementing their own sales tax, Maxmin said she believes in local control for communities. “I feel uncomfortable saying a community cannot do something if they think that is best,” she said.

She understands Maine has a strong tradition of local control, and she does not feel it is her place to “put down a heavy hand” on any community.

Maxmin said she recognizes the Black Lives Matter movement has an important message. She also feels her duty is to represent her community, and the conversation around the BLM movement is different in Maine than in other parts of the country.

The police force in Maine has a different purpose, Maxmin said. They are integrated into our communities in different ways than in other parts of the country.

Todd Bracket, the Lincoln County Sheriff, has endorsed her campaign because of this support. “That doesn’t mean we can’t have conversations about the role of police and racism in our community,” said Maxmin. She feels it is important to have those conversations, but she still supports law enforcement in Maine.

“The police are a social safety net in our communities,” she said. “I have no intention of defunding law enforcement.”

Maxmin’s background and professional work outside the legislation has focused on climate change, so she supports helping Maine combat the issue. However, Maxmin said climate change is also a social issue.

Maxmin said one of the greatest injustices to climate change is people who have done the least to cause it are the most impacted. She said it is very true for Maine, especially.

“In the grand scheme of things, we are not causing climate change,” said Maxmin. “But our entire economic fabric could unravel because of it.”

Maxmin said she feels as the state transitions away from fossil fuels, it is important that the new energy economy does not replicate the injustices in place currently. “As we transition, everybody should be treated equitably and fairly,” Maxmin stated.

She supports policies that take that into account, and has done a lot of work in tandem with the labor community to keep Mainers in jobs through this transition. “If they’re working in the fossil fuel industry, they have a job now and they will have a job in the future,” said Maxmin.

Election 2020 - Chloe Maxmin - Candidate: Maine Senate District #13
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