Maui Jim® Kahuna.

By Mid-Coast Optical | Jun 10, 2014

To most, this month is June but for us at Mid-Coast Optical it is Maui Jim Month!


Everyday for Maui Jim Month we will be featuring a different Maui Jim!


Why? Because the Sun has finally appeared and we feel like celebrating with these fantastic sunglasses!


Maui Jim® Kahuna.

Inspired By: A highly trained expert in an ancient and distinctly Hawaiian craft. Canoe-making. Fishing. Healing. And yes, even surfing. A Maui Jim bestseller for more than 15 years, and a true classic that will stand the test of time.


Perfect for: Outside activities or a little beach side rejuvenation- lens treatments and frame are saltwater safe.


Design: A bold modified aviator wrap that offers generous coverage for protection against wind, blowing sand, and debris.


Shape: Refined rectangular frame complements a range of facial shapes.




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