Marshall to discuss Micronesia missionary work

Aug 30, 2014
Paul Marshall will give a talk Thursday, Sept. 11 about his educational work in Micronesia in the 1960s.

Camden — Paul Marshall spent five years in Micronesia as an educational missionary in the 1960s and will present an illustrated talk on the history of Micronesia and his experiences there, Thursday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m. at the Camden Public Library.

Rev. Paul Marshall of Hope is a retired United Methodist minister who has served churches in Camden, Rockport, Rockland, and several other Methodist charges. His 90 years of life have taken him far from Maine to France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany during World War II. Following the war his “paths” have taken him into the field of professional forestry, then into high school teaching and administration, which led to his being called into the work of an educational missionary, serving a five year term in the Pacific Island area of Micronesia.

Marshall grew up in the woods of northern Maine under the shadow of Katahdin. He lived a poor but idyllic childhood in a one-room tarpaper shack with his parents and six siblings. His world changed when he was called to serve as a combat medic during World War II. Two decades after the war Marshall was given a chance of a lifetime to turn the tide of destruction to hope. In 1964, with his wife and three children, he moved to a south Pacific island lagoon called Truk, where he built and ran a school for future Micronesian leaders. On the island he saw how the same super powers of World War II had also dominated and oppressed the people of Micronesia, and he set out to find a way to encourage their autonomy and freedom through the power of love and family.

Marshall will follow up his talk on Micronesia with an presentation on his experiences in World War II, Tuesday, Oct. 14, at the library. He is completing a book of his life history entitled “Maine Boy Goes To War,” which will be going into publication within a month. Two of the major life stories in his book tell of his three years as a Combat Medic in World War II and the five years he served as an educational missionary in the islands of Micronesia.


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