Market Basket recognized for identification checks

Nov 30, 2012
Natalie Hall of the Market Basket in Rockport and Alex Owre, development director for Five Town Communities That Care.

Rockport — Natalie Hall of The Market Basket in Rockport is the first $100 raffle winner in the Reward and Reminder program sponsored by Five Town Communities That Care.

In Reward and Reminder, young-looking but legal-age mystery shoppers from the Five Town CTC Coalition purchase alcoholic beverages from retailers throughout the Five Town community. When these shoppers are asked to show identification, they give the sales clerk a card thanking him or her for doing the right thing. If the clerk does not ask for ID, he or she is given a reminder note that the law requires that retailers of alcohol must ask for proof of age from anyone who appears to be under the age of 27.

Checking IDs protects underage customers and the greater community against injuries and accidents associated with underage drinking — as well as protecting retailers and their employees against the penalties associated with underage sales.

"The Market Basket is proud to be recognized for doing the right thing when it comes to kids and alcohol. We're happy to take part in raising awareness of an issue that has a major impact on the safety of our community members," said Hall in a news release.

Five Town CTC will continue to conduct Reward and Reminder checks in coming months as part of its prevention efforts. For more information about Reward and Reminder or the other programs and services of Five Town CTC, or to contribute to Five Town CTC's year-end fund, call 236-9800 or email

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Posted by: Debra L Whittier | Nov 30, 2012 14:39

This is a really good idea!!

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Nov 30, 2012 12:45

Congratulations Natalie!!! Unfortunately, this happens way too often with kids trying to purchase alcohol. I commend you for your efforts and am happy to hear that you were rewarded accordingly.

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