Marine Patrol releases informational video

Nov 17, 2012

Hallowell — The Maine Department of Marine Resources has released a new recruitment video that seeks to better inform the public about the purpose and mission, and stories behind, Maine Marine Patrol.

It provides insight into patrol’s history, and how it has evolved to take on the responsibilities of the modern world. The video captures the excitement of a day in the life of a marine patrol officer, offering glimpses of the diverse fisheries that patrol monitors, the specialized equipment they employ, and the philosophy with which they approach their job.

Maine Marine Patrol has a long history as the enforcement arm of DMR. Mainers living along the coast often have direct knowledge of patrol’s varied roles and responsibilities, as patrol officers are well-integrated in their local communities. But even those citizens who know their local patrol officer may not be aware of the full range of Marine Patrol’s work, and some Mainers who spend less time on the water may not have had the opportunity to interact with patrol at all.

As DMR Commissioner Patrick Keliher said in a news release, “Anyone who watches this video will come away with a new respect for our highly trained and skilled patrol officers, and understand the importance of the role they play in protecting Maine’s marine resources, as well as the livelihood of hard-working Mainers.”

Maine’s marine resources generate more than $1 billion in economic activity each year, but that would not be possible without Maine Marine Patrol. The goal of the new video is to inspire those who would like to consider the Maine Marine Patrol as a career. Furthermore, DMR hopes that people will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the contribution that patrol makes to protecting Maine’s maritime legacy.

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Posted by: Judy Olson | Nov 23, 2012 05:45

What about the contribution we taxpayers make to the Marine Patrol's inflated budget??

Posted by: J Bacon | Nov 19, 2012 07:15

Thanks Marlowe,

Try this one, recruitment video>

Posted by: Marlowe Sonksen | Nov 18, 2012 13:51

That is a very good question J Bacon.  They never said where to find the video.  It's on YouTube.  You can search for Maine Marine Patrol on YouTube or go to this address




Posted by: J Bacon | Nov 17, 2012 18:57

OK, it's been released.... So when and where can interested folks watch this??

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