Manning offers yoga therapy in Rockland, Camden

Jan 15, 2013

Yoga Therapist Erika Manning, owner of Blue Crow Studio is announces that yoga therapy appointments are available in Rockland at Continuum Physical Therapy, and in Camden at the Camden Yoga Barn.

The therapeutic use of yoga to help keep one's body and life in balance goes back many thousands of years. Yoga therapy is a modern term, and a modern manifestation of this ancient art, and is suitable for everyone, all that is needed is a commitment to growth. The foundation of yoga therapy is a recognition that one's physical conditions, emotional states, attitudes, diet, behavior, lifestyle and personal associations, as well as the environment in which we live are all intimately linked to the state of one's health.

Yoga therapy is truly a holistic system, and includes work with stress reduction, breathing, posture, stretching and strengthening of specific muscle groups, meditation, self care, spiritual practices, inner work and creativity.

Manning is a native of the Midcoast area and knows first hand the wonderful, profound and healing aspects of therapeutic yoga. She has successfully used the system for support in healing a back injury incurred from a bicycle accident. Therapeutic yoga has also helped her manage a 12-year battle with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as manage a lifetime of asthma. She draws not only on her personal life journey, but brings years of experience in teaching yoga to specialized populations, and has studied and received licensing and certification in a multitude of body/mind therapies.

For more information on yoga therapy, please see the International Association of Yoga Therapists website, For more information on Manning, or to schedule a complimentary consultation call 785-3077 or go to

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