Managing High School – The Study Hall Can Help

By The Study Hall | Feb 03, 2020

The first semester of the school year has come to a close, and the following conversation was overheard in the halls this past week:

“Man, I am so behind on my homework.  I’m lost.   I don’t know how I am ever going to catch up.”

“Dude, you should go to The Study Hall.  They can really help.”

Adolescence is a busy, confusing time.   Once students enter high school, they have many more demands and deadlines to handle.  Students take between six and eight classes per semester.  That means a lot of assignments, projects and homework to juggle and to keep up with.

One of the services The Study Hall can offer is help getting organized.  Teens don’t want to have to ask parents for help anymore, but they may not be experts at keeping track of all the work they have to accomplish.   Meeting with a tutor, weekly or just once in a while, can help a student keep on top of his requirements.

What should an essay on The Great Gatsby or a project on Humanism look like?  How long should it take for a student to complete the work?  Has a student spent enough time to show his best work?  What else should she consider adding?  These are questions the experienced tutors at The Study Hall can help with.

Along with the content of the courses, the high school students should be learning HOW to study.  Does your student know how to make an outline?  How to prewrite?  How to learn science vocabulary?

The most important lesson a tutor can teach is how to apply an idea or a concept to a new and different situation.  Marci Casas, The Study Hall owner and math tutor, always gives students EXTRA problems to practice on.  “That way I can see if they can really use what they learned in any instance that comes up,” she says.  Another way to extend a lesson is to brainstorm what might come up on the next quiz or test and check and see if the student is ready for anything and everything.  Students may not know how to do this on their own, but with the help of a tutor, they can prepare thoroughly.

If your teen could use a little more assistance keeping up with the demands of high school, don’t hesitate to call The Study Hall at 236-3949 or email



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