Ordered to volunteer 50 hours at animal shelter

Man who shot dog to be fined

By Stephen Betts | Aug 08, 2019
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Rockland — A Vinalhaven man will be fined $500 if he meets terms of a sentence agreement with the state after he took his stepdaughter's dog and put it down by shooting the animal.

Christopher C. Roberts, 32, pleaded guilty Wednesday, Aug. 7, in Knox County Court to misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals and theft.

According to Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald, Roberts took his stepdaughter's dog without her permission, and shot the animal to death. The dog was old and was becoming more aggressive, the prosecutor said.

The incident occurred in December on the island.

Justice Joyce Wheeler accepted the one-year deferred disposition reached between the District Attorney's Office and the defense. In addition to being fined $500 combined for the two offenses, Roberts will have to undergo a mental health evaluation and follow any counseling recommendations as a result of that evaluation.

The agreement also calls for the Vinalhaven man to perform 50 hours of community service at an animal shelter. He has a year to complete that service.

The judge pointed out that Roberts would have to go off-island to perform the community service.

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Posted by: Alana Allen | Aug 19, 2019 09:19

An animal shelter???? Really?????

Posted by: Margie Gerrish | Aug 09, 2019 21:39

Why would anyone in their right mind let him NEAR an animal shelter?


Posted by: Dayna D Small | Aug 08, 2019 09:26

Another bullsh*t sentence.

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