Man arrested for threatening to gut victims like fish

Jun 05, 2014
Source: Knox County Jail Cote Baughman, 25, was arrested for misdemeanor threatening. A photo of Jason Baughman, charged with more serious offenses, was not available as he was not taken to the Knox County Jail.

Cushing — A Cushing man was arrested after he threatened another man and his teenage son with a knife, reportedly telling them he was going to gut them like fish, said a press release from the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

Jason Baughman, 46, is charged with felony criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, and criminal mischief.

Police said Baughman chased the victims out of a residence and attempted to stab them. The victim and his son took refuge in a truck, and Baughman continued to threaten them while slashing a tire and yelling he was going to “gut them like a fish.”

The victim attempted to flee, putting the vehicle in drive, and pinned Baughman between the truck and another car in the yard, said the release.

Carroll said the victim in this case may be charged with a crime for causing injury to Baughman, but the decision will be for the District Attorney to decide when the investigation is reviewed.

While on the road, the victim called 911, and had to stop a short distance down the road due to the flat tire.

Baughman was taken to Pen Bay Medical Center and then transferred to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies were at the hospital continuing the investigation when the son of Baughman, Cote Baughman, 25, of Cushing, made threatening statements that he was going to kill the victim as revenge for his father's injury, said the release.

Baughman was chased by police, and arrested in the hospital parking lot for terrorizing. He was transported to Knox County Jail without further incident.

No information on Baughman's condition was available June 5. The hospital's communication office said they had no information to provide as no consent form had been signed. Carroll said Baughman's injuries are not life threatening.

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Posted by: Beatrice Rose Norwood | Jun 06, 2014 10:31

somethin' sounds "fishy" here


Posted by: Laurel E Taylor | Jun 05, 2014 19:35

IQ's just keep dropping around here. Lends new meaning to "open mouth insert foot".

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