Making the most out of town hall meetings

By Ivan Serrano | Jul 04, 2018

Ontario — Research shows that the average employee spends more than 30 percent of their time annually in meetings and therefore a town hall meeting ought not to elicit a feeling of obligation from attendees. One of the approaches one can take to change the narrative is to keep all parties engaged. We may have been meetings where staying connected to discussion in the room became difficult because we were unable to give input. Keeping all parties engaged means generating awareness to all parties present that they are contributing to a larger cause than themselves.

Town hall meetings don’t only refer to meetings with your representative; they also refer to meetings companies have where staff in all departments meet to discuss cross cutting topics including the company’s overall goal and other issues affecting a majority of employees. Here are a few things that both organizers and attendees can adopt for more productive outputs.

Acknowledge exemplary performance

Employee recognition is an effective tool in igniting motivating and productivity. Canada Regulatory Consultants having a meeting can give awards to the department or person with the most targets met to foster healthy competition among different parts and people in the company. It need not have to be an expensive affair; branded merchandise or a gift card is good enough. Remember to encourage other behaviors such as employees who display leadership skills or nurtures talent. That encourages other to be the best version as they contribute to the company’s overall objectives.

Encourage peers speakers

Meetings where only the CEO and other member of the management speak can create an atmosphere of superior and subordinate. To avoid this, have other employees give presentations or other related content. Others, seeing one of their own, are more likely to be responsive to the content of the message than if it came from a manager. It also brings a fresh way of looking at ideas and challenges as well as encouraging conducive town hall meetings. Encourage those holding presentations to use interactive tools to get their message across.

Invite guest speakers

News of an expert coming in to hold a talk or give a presentation always creates buzz and excitement. Employees and managers alike are likely to be lively in such sessions than others. However, those organizing the talks ought to be careful not to invite speakers that perpetuate top leadership agendas. The information should be valuable and actionable and one that adds to the career and personal life of all present. These guest speakers can either come in person or make time via livestream; technology opens up the ways with which we can engage.

Keep it short

Shorter meetings help all parties address information pertinent to good workmanship. Those that run longer tend to veer of the set objectives and create mental fatigue. Employees ought to feel rejuvenated, not worn out by town hall meetings. It ought not to feel like one more tiresome obligation they ought to fulfil.

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