Make a Hope Orchard apple stamp

Aug 31, 2014
Stamp with painted apples at Coastal Children's Museum Saturday, Sept. 13.

Rockland — September at the Coastal Children’s Museum is all about apples and to help with any apple needs for the month, Hope Orchards donated 20 pounds of its produce to the museum.

On Saturday, Sept. 13, at 11 a.m., museum visitors will be using this fab fruit to decorate a charming natural tote bag. Using the apple as a stamp, this workshop will be fun for all ages and is included in the price of admission and free for members.

“You’d be surprised how many ways you can use an apple, apart from eating it, “ says Program Coordinator Megan Rogers. “As a stamp you can replicate the perfection of the apple itself, highlight the star that appears when you cut through the middle, or you can use it as a base to create your own design.” She adds, “We are so grateful to Hope Orchards for so generously donating all the apples for our programming this month. We’ll be using them for taste testing, for applesauce making, and also to explore weights and measures.”

For more information and to sign up please call the office at 596-0300 or email



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