Maine Greencrab Summit: Maine coast invaded, occupied.

By Ronald Huber | Dec 18, 2013
Photo by: U Maine web stream

Orono. A hyperbloom of green crabs in Gulf of Maine coastal waters has left Maine's native intertidal and shallow water ecosystems ravaged, according to presenters at the Maine Greencrab Summit, held December 16th at the University of Maine. Links to audio from the summit, below

Gone are millions of wild blue mussels and clams that until recently filtered Maine's salty shallows and providing a living for generations of Mainers and their predecessors. Gone too: most of Maine's recovering eelgrass.

No silver bullet was trumpeted by the empaneled experts. Nor by the hundreds of summit attendees in person and online. Only a sad litany of facts and anecdotes, and urgings to kill the crabs on sight. See short video of greencrabs unearthed living in mass burrows on the edge of a saltmarsh in Brunswick.
"Let's face it, said Ron Huber of Friends of Penobscot Bay" "The green crab invasion was a  success. Maine's coastal waters are, in effect, under occupation."
Listen to the Summit's afternoon speakers, a discussion on the invasion and concluding remarks by Maine DMR Commissioner Pat Keliher.

* Cynthia McKenzie, DFO Newfoundland 30 min

* Chad Coffin, Maine Clammers Association 36 minutes

* Panel & Audience Discussion 17 minutes

* Pat Keliher, DMR Commissioner 13 minutes

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