Maine Gov. Paul LePage Says Election Will Be Rigged In His Own State“It’s curious that the governor would question the integrity of a system under which he was elected twice,” one Democrat noted.

By Ronald Horvath | Oct 18, 2016

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) says the election will be rigged this year, even in the state that has elected him twice.

During his weekly dial-in to conservative radio station WVOM, LePage said he agreed with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that there will be election fraud in November.

“I am not confident that we are going to have a clean election in Maine,” he said, blaming Maine Democrats for blocking voter ID requirements.

Republicans have increasingly supported requiring voters to show identification at the polls in recent years. Some studies have indicated that voter ID requirements suppress voting by minorities, who are more likely to vote Democratic.

“Will people from the cemetery be voting? Yes, all around the country,” LePage added. “The media and the Democratic Party want everybody to vote, whether they’re citizens or not.”

Trump’s and LePage’s expectations of widespread voter fraud are deeply dubious. They have been refuted by fact-checkers and repudiated by other Republican officials. But Trump has complained more and more forcefully that November’s election will be rigged as more and more polls show him falling behind Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, a Democrat, questioned LePage’s claim in an email to the Bangor Daily News on Tuesday.

“Maine has a proud history of full access for voters to participate in our elections,” Dunlap wrote. “It’s curious that the governor would question the integrity of a system under which he was elected twice.”

Despite efforts by state Republicans, Maine has not joined the 32 other states that have some form of ID requirement at the polls. LePage said the election will be no good without voter ID.

“Until we do that, I don’t think the elections in the state of Maine or the United States are legitimate,” he said

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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Oct 18, 2016 23:51

Today Donald Trump claimed the presidential election was already "rigged" against him. "They even want to try to rig the election at the polling place," Trump told a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. "So many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is very, very common."

Baloney. Voter fraud is almost non-existent. In a report "The Truth About Voter Fraud," the highly respected Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law cited voter fraud incident rates between 0.00004 percent and 0.0009 percent.

But the truth doesn’t matter to Trump, who, in anticipation of a defeat November 8, wants to cast a pall of illegitimacy over the coming Hillary Clinton administration. Never before in American history has the nominee of a major party displayed such irresponsible and dangerous behavior. The man is a menace to our democracy.

Robert Reich

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Oct 18, 2016 17:21

Paul LePage is going out with a thud! And down the road Mainers will say "Paul Who"?  He is in good company with Trump. Both with lots of rhetoric and no substance.

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