Main Street reopens following suspicious package report

By Beth Birmingham | Jun 05, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Rockland Police closed down Main Street after a suspicious package, seen near the trash can at the left, was discovered Thursday, June 5.

Rockland — Main Street in Rockland has reopened after being closed due to a report of a suspicious package found near a trash bin in front of Key Bank.

Police shut down Main Street from The Strand to Park Street Thursday, June 5, as they investigated a suspicious package found by a trash bin in front of Key Bank.

Rockland Police Deputy Chief Wally Tower said there was a report of a male who left a small package on the sidewalk in front of the bank.

As police were waiting for a bomb squad from Maine State Police to arrive, they located the man, who showed police the package. It was not an explosive, according to Tower.

All traffic on the street was blocked and pedestrians were not allowed in the area. Businesses were also evacuated as a precaution.

Rockland Police and Rockland Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene to investigate.

A portion of Main Street was closed after a suspicious package, seen here, was discovered near Key Bank. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Jun 06, 2014 07:03

I'm not quite following the reference to the Constitution, but it is a good thing that when someone saw something they said something. Knuckleheads live everywhere.

Posted by: Buddy Carleton | Jun 05, 2014 13:55

Posted by Pam Leach, Rockland:

We would all like to think that nothing would happen in our quaint little town, as has happened in Boston and other cities around the country.  We all wish we could be immune from the chaos and hatred that seems to be spreading through our country like a dark malignancy.   But we have no immunity and one of the prices of living in a "free" county is the "privilege" we all have to the right to privacy,  which can be a double edged sword, protecting us, while protecting those who do us harm as well.

We were all raised to believe in and stand behind our Constitution.  but occasionally one has to wonder if our forefathers could have had a crystal ball into the future, would they have written the Constitution as they did?  Personally, I doubt it. (but that's a topic,  albeit related to this, for another day).

As such, it is comforting to know that people are observing their surroundings and acting on their suspicions.  It is also comforting to know that we have a team of professionals who are obviously well trained, and ready to take proper action immediately.   It's a moot point as to what exactly was in that bag.  When looking at the photo, one could not help but agree that this was indeed a "suspicious" looking bag; as sad as it is that this is what we've been forced to become.   Pam Leach, Rockland

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